33 – John Lennon’s Lethal Nipples

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
33 - John Lennon's Lethal Nipples

What really broke up the Beatles? Was it Yoko? Band infighting? Or was it a plot so insidious that the very nipples on John Lennon’s chest weren’t safe from Paul’s ire? Also, LOTS of METALLICHAT-UH™. Dig in, Noise Bois!

  • “Airplane Friends” by Row 26, Seats A and B
  • Joel watched terrible, worthless movies on an airplane
  • Dave and Joel are pretty bad at Australian accents
  • “The Ballad of Me Fake Accent” by John Lennon
  • “It’s Sunny Outside” by Paul McCartney
  • “I’m Carrot Paul” by John Lennon
  • “My Name Is John” by Paul McCartney
  • “I’ve Been Plotting Your Death” by Paul McCartney
  • Dueling John Lennons
  • “Happiness Is A Warm Gun with The Safety On, Mark David Chapman” by John Lennon
  • “Lethal Nipples” by The Beatles
  • Joel’s happy about his sparkly, jangly riff
  • Patreon Spotlight Question: What about “Weird Al” Yankovic?
  • The Bois are DIVIDED over “Weird Al” 
  • The Dark Knight: “Weird Al” Edition
  • Dave’s guitar on The Antiques Roadshow
  • Dave’s pleased with his new thrasy tone
  • Metallichat: S&M II 
  • Why do we rag on Metallica so hard? 
  • “Nothing Else Matters, Besides Our Patreon” by Metallica
  • Reverse Covers: Bob Dylan and Guns N’ Roses
  • Check in with The Bouyees
  • Check in with Morissey
  • “Hey! (It’s The Noise Bois)” by Morrissey
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