27 – Double Vaginal Double Dallas Page

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
27 - Double Vaginal Double Dallas Page

This week’s Noise Hole is comprised of two essential parts: The part that’s all about the shift from the hair metal excess of the late 80s to the dreary melancholy of the early 90s, and the part that’s all about late 90s, early 2000s wrestling. The good news is you get both parts for free, so you don’t have to choose which part is right for you. Both parts are right.

  • “I Like Sexy Ladies / I Like Shiny Boys” by Poison Assblaster
  • Danny K. and Fart Master on 92.1 The Butt in 1987
  • “I Like Titties (Everyone Likes Titties)” by Poison Assblaster
  • “I Like Fat Ass (Everyone Likes Fat Ass)” by Atomic Pisshole
  • “I Like Car Insurance (Everyone Likes Titties)” by Atomic Pisshole
  • “I Like Chicken McNuggets (Everyone Likes Titties)” by Atomic Pisshole
  • Daniel K. and Joey Fart Master move to Seattle in 1992
  • “Sludge Butt (I Just Wanna Die)” by Terminal Suicide
  • “I Just Want A Jersey Mike’s Sub (I Also Want to Die) by Terminal Suicide
  • WCW Wrestling takes over the world in the late 90s
  • NWO tries to recruit young Dave
  • “Blue Monday Nitro” by New (World) Order
  • WCW Monday Nitro Theme
  • British Farm-Based Soap Operas
  • American Human-Cage and Witch-based Soap Operas
  • “Smells Like DDP (A Legally Distinct Copywritten Work)” by Diamond Dallas Page
  • Stevarino thinks DDP can save rock and roll 
  • “DDP Is In Bloom” by Diamond Dallas Page
  • Chris Jericho, Renaissance Man
  • Next time on Jericho Ball Z!
  • “Jericho Ball Z (End Credits Theme)”
  • “Yellowhammer” by Dave’s project We’ve Got Hostiles
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