26 – I Like Beans. Yes I do.

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
26 - I Like Beans. Yes I do.

Dave and Joel are taking it back, WAY BACK to the very beginning of Dave’s songwriting career to explore the evolution of his very first song, “I Like Beans.”

  • “Time To Get Creative (I Hate You, Kevin)” with Kevin Tonberry and Dave
  • Problematic band members
  • How do you sing and play at the same time?
  • “Gimme Fuel, Gimme Full Service Car Care” by James Hetfield
  • “Vinny’s Theme” by Motley Crue
  • “Hetfield In A Gas Station” by The Smiths
  • “Sanitary Bum” by Metallica
  • Lars Ulrich is sponsored by Race Trac hot dogs
  • Pokemon Bands featuring Smashmouth and Puddle Of Mudd 
  • Dave’s very first song “I Like Beans” 
  • “I Like Beans (Yes I Do)” by Blink 182
  • “I Like Beans (Down In Beans)” by Nine Inch Nails
  • “I Like Beans (Bean-age Dirtbag)” by Wheatus
  • “I Like Beans (Synthetic Beans)” by Spineshank
  • “I Like Beans (Around The Beans)” by Daft Punk
  • “I Like Beans (Yes I Do) [Beepy Boopy REMIX]” by Thom York
  • “I Like Beans (Yes Brand New)” by Brand New
  • “I Like Beans (Beans Without the E)” by Taking Back Sunday
  • “I Like Beans (Ohio Is For Beans)” by Hawthorne Heights
  • “I Like Beans (Mr. Beanside)” by The Killers
  • “I Like Beans (A Pooey Bum)” by Pink Floyd
  • Young Davey Gilmour tries to impress his grumpy dad
  • “Hey! (It’s The Noise Bois)” by Pink Floyd
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