New Year’s Eve: Pictionary Redux Director’s Cut

I mentioned in this post, that I played a game of pictionary at Eli’s on New Year’s Eve.

I hope you all are enjoying 2008 thus far. My wife and I rang in the new whatever at Eli’s with cheese dip, and ribs and Pictionary. Regarding pictionary: if the clue is “Puff Daddy” and your drawing elicits the response “Smoke Father,” you should win the whole game right then and there.

Eli finally posted the pics and I wanted to share them. These are either ones that no one guessed right plus the best-worst-guess, or ones that someone guessed immediately using psychic abilities .

Here’s the “Puff Daddy” drawing that resulted in someone screaming “SMOKE FATHER!”


The clue was “Grateful Dead” which led to “HAPPY TO BE DEAD!” You can also see our team name, “Team Cobra Attack Force II” and “Porkchop Samiches Esquire GO!”


This was one of my clues, “Prince Charming.” My team got this one because I drew an apple, a skull and a shithead in a crown.


This might have been the most impressive of the night. The pictionarist drew:


And my wife, Emily, screams “ANGELINA JOLIE!” She was right. I was in both shock and awe. The doggy mug pictured was one of our door prizes that night. Terrifying, isn’t it?

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  1. @Joel

    I hate you. Because now everytime I watch Cinderella with my daughter all I'll be thinking of is the "shithead in a crown" Prince Charming.

    BTW, kudos on the new comment system. It's a happy time.

  2. Ah, I love pictionary. Or, rather, I love games with pictionary elements. Like Cranium.

    I just spent 30 minutes looking for a clip of Win Lose or Draw wherein some celebrity gets smacked in the head. No luck. If only I could remember who it was, maybe I’d have a chance.

  3. Didn’t notice the Apples2Apples cards! Nice. You should use the cards from Trivial Pursuit instead. Try drawing the Defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo in 60 seconds!

  4. When I saw the Angelina Jolie drawing, I first thought of “porn star”. Now that I know it’s supposed to be “Angeline Jolie”, I think it was supposed to be “porn star” initially but the drawer was hiding Angie up their sleeve.

    And yes, that dog mug is a bit terrifying. You should try to make a comic about how good dogs go to heaven, and bad dogs turn into grotesque mugs.

  5. I take full credit for Angelina Jolie. I’m in the wrong profession, I should be an artist. I also love the one-eyed prince… the mutilation gives him character.

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