Macworld 2008: The Omega Directive on Digg

Potentially thanks to my plee for your link affections in the last post, HE reader and confirmed bad ass,  Ty has submitted The Omega Directive to Digg.

If you’re a Digger, please help support the comic with your Diggs, and clicks and loves. Spread the word and I will reward you with more delicious desktop wallpapers. How about a desktop with the Omega Directive symbol looming over the city?


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  1. Christ on a cracker! That's me!

    Seriously though, no thanks needed. I see, I like, I Digg. I discovered your site via a Digg submission and have been a faithful reader since, so time to share the wealth.

    Hey, any luck and it'll make the front page. It has enough Digg keywords: Apple, Jedi – need I say more?


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