Joss Whedon’s Intertnet Musical and more links!


Joss is writing and producing an internet musical called “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog.” It will star Captain Tight Pants (Nathon Fillion) as Captain Hammer, and Felicia Day (former slayerette and current “The Guild” star).

Whedon, Captain, Muscial, Blog… these are all words that I like. Put them together in one concept and my geek asplode.

Here’s the rest of the whatever:

Check out these “Sweded” Movies on YouTubez in the same vain as “Be Kind Rewind”:

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  1. That robot dog is so creepy. It does look like an AT-AT though.

    On a side note, Felicia Day is uber-cute. The fact that she has a bachelor's of science in mathematics from Texas Austin makes her even more gorgeous.

  2. For realsies, check out How I Met Your Mother. He is now tied with the purple dinosaur for who I think about when I hear Barney.

    And if it helps, the whole show is a flashback. For all we know, he is 60+ years old when the story is being told.

  3. The purple dinosaur is dead in my mind. NPH is the only Barney in my mind anymore.

    I saw a poster for the new Harold and Kumar movie that I must have. It's Neal Patrick Harris on a unicorn with the header, "What would NPH do?".

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