Help Me Name HE Book 2

I had set aside today and tomorrow for drawing the cover to the next HijiNKS Ensue book, in hopes of putting up the presale next week. But so far I can’t settle on a name. This is a big deal because it determines what I will draw for the cover. Here are my current title contenders:

HijiNKS ENSUE Volume 2: My Heart Is A Hate-Filled Pineapple
HijiNKS ENSUE Volume 2: A Hate-Filled Pineapple

[both in reference to The Evil Fox Executive explaining why he is so evil]

HijiNKS ENSUE Volume 2: The Doom Engine
HijiNKS ENSUE Volume 2: The Doom Furnace

[both in reference to The Evil Fox Executive stealing geek tears to fuel FOX’s empire]

HijiNKS ENSUE Volume 2: Triumph Of The Usurper

HijiNKS ENSUE Volume 2: We’ll Fix It In Post

HijiNKS ENSUE Volume 2: Live-Tweeting The Apocalypse

Please cast your vote in the comments (like NOW since I need to be drawing it NOW). I am not currently looking for alternate titles. Thanks!

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  1. HijiNKS ENSUE Volume 2: A Hate-Filled Pineapple
    HijiNKS ENSUE Volume 2: We’ll Fix It In Post (only if the next book is about the podcast

  2. I'm a fairly new reader so I don't get the reference to, "My Heart is a Hate-Filled Pineapple" But I really like it and it makes me want to take a look in the book to find out why it's named that. I highly recommend that.

  3. I like 'My Heart is a Hate-Filled Pineapple' best, followed by 'We'll Fix it in Post', but I have to admit to a certain obsession with the second volume of anything being subtitled 'Electric Boogaloo'.

  4. 1. We'll Fix It In Post (it's a more discernible geeky reference than MHIAHFP for possible newcomers, also a better acronym)

  5. I agree with @effulgent_inara that "Electric Boogaloo" should be a front-runner (or maybe "The Quickening"). From the given choices though, it's "We'll Fix It In Post"

  6. "Live-Tweeting the Apocalypse" is the only one whose meaning is clear to those who haven't read the comic or don't remember the source strip(s). Plus, it's hilarious!

  7. I like 'We'll Fix it in Post' best, but 'My Heart is a Hate-Filled Pineapple' is a pretty close second.

    No profound reason for either one.

  8. I just want it to open like a greeting card with the new "Hobbits, get off the road!" song.
    If I must choose: My Heart Is A Hate-Filled Pineapple.

  9. I really like "My Heart is a Hate Filled Pineapple". It sounds cool, and in the comic Joel is frequently "with hate", Eli likes explosives (grenades/pineapple), and Josh … well, you know.

  10. The top one for SURE. Who's heart ISN'T a hate-filled pineapple these days… huge market share!

    Might want to start practicing your hate-filled-pineapple sketches for the artist's edition, tho

  11. I like this one: HijiNKS ENSUE Volume 2: Live-Tweeting The Apocalypse.

    It has that nice image of how people are nowadays. When the world comes, they'll be recording it on their cellphones, blogging it and twitting it to the rest of the world.

  12. I have to go with live-tweeting the apocalypse.

    I picture Joel sitting in a fridge watching nukes go off in the far background furiously tweeting with his iPhone. Zombie and or skeleton Josh laying in a heap in front and Road Warrior Eli pulling up along side the fridge in a tricked out El Camino.

  13. I was recently at a fellow dev's funeral, and thought to myself "My buddy would be FURIOUS right now that no one is live-tweeting this…DAMN. Would it be rude to QUIETLY slide open my phone keyboard??" We passed HE comics about with glorious abandon, and though I have the Joss-Lover's HATE for the Foxecutives, I'll have to vote for the final one In Remembrance Of Tweets Past.

    • Im sorry about your friend. I have a feeling the "Live Tweeting" one isnt going to win but I HAVE to use that for something soon.

  14. I'm also a bit torn between "My Heart is a Hate-Filled Pineapple" and "Live-Tweeting the Apocalypse" – but you make me choose, so I'd go for the hate-filled pineapple 🙂

  15. I like Hijinks Ensue: a hatefilled Pineapple because it makes it sound like lots of comic collections from my youth. Either way, though, I think going with the Fox executive is the way to go. He's one of the best supporting characters, aside from our murderous hobo friend.

  16. It's a tough call without an idea about what the artwork will be. I'd say go with "Live Tweeting The Apocalypse".

    I don't think the Pineapple or Doom Engine suggestions are going to go over well because the Fox executive is a pretty minor character

  17. My first instinct was "My Heart is a Hate-Filled Pineapple", but after seeing the barrage of votes it already got, my heart, in true Browncoat fashion, goes out to "Live Tweeting the Apocalypse".

  18. MY HEART IS A HATE-FILLED PINEAPPLE. Capslock is cruise control, so everyone will see this and it will be worth 90,000 votes.

  19. my vote is for:
    HijiNKS ENSUE Volume 2: My Heart Is A Hate-Filled Pineapple

    also would like to see:

    HijiNKS ENSUE Volume 2: boner truck or HijiNKS ENSUE Volume 2: floppy shots

  20. "My Heart Is A Hate-Filled Pineapple". I mean, is there another phrase on this list that (a) would never appear anywhere else, yet (b) seems perfectly at home in HE?

  21. I love "We'll fix it in post", but I am sure that most others will not pick that. I find "fix it in post" jokes very funny for whatever reason, and it seems sometimes that I am mostly alone in that.

  22. IMHO: Save "Live-Tweeting the Apocalypse" for your podcast best of CD and use "My Heart Is A Hate-Filled Pineapple" for the book.

  23. "My Heart Is A Hate-Filled Pineapple" or "Live-Tweeting the Apocalypse". Those are really the only two worth considering.

  24. Although I am seriously late to the party and you probably already have chosen by now, I vote for "My Heart is a Hate-Filled Pinapple" simply because it fits much better with "Godspeed, you Fancy Bastard." They're similarly long and random and fun.

    You're really good at playing with words, Joel, so I think this plays up that strength.

  25. Let's go with My Heart Is A Hate-Filled Pineapple! I don't really care what it's called, be it "Josh dies in the end" or whatever, I'm just excited for HE vol 2!

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