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[UPDATE 02/11/15] My new podcast Potter & Daughter is live now! You can download the first episode here or subscribe via RSS or iTunes (as of 2/12/15 the iTunes link is still waiting on Apple approval).


Fancy Patreon Patrons get each episode a week early and can already download episode 2 HERE.

Here’s the description from the podcast website: 

Potter And Daughter is a Harry Potter themed podcast where Joel Watson (cartoonist, geek dad and creator of the online comic HijiNKS ENSUE) talked to his seven year old daughter, Lily, as she reads through the Harry Potter book series.

In each episode Joel and Lily cover about 1/4 to 1/3 of a book, discussing what happened, why it happened and what lessons Lily is learning from the books as she reads them. It’s part Cliff’s Notes and part cute and instrospective conversation between a father and daughter who love the same books for the same (and sometimes totally different) reasons.

RATING: Always safe for work and safe to share with your kids.

My daughter and I made it together, I’m really proud of it and I hope you enjoy it.

I’ve added a “cookie fort” tag to this comic post, almost as a personal dare to create a comic that requires the use of that tag again. I suppose it could be something aspirational as in, “We’re all just looking for our own cookie fort, you know?” Or it could be a grim portent of the inevitability of oblivion as in, “Hey man, none of this matters. One day we’ll all just be bones in a cookie fort.” Maybe it’s an expression of concern. “I just can’t seem to get through to him. It’s like he’s built a cookie fort around himself since the accident.”

COMMENTERS: Come up with more sayings, aphorisms, etc. that involve cookie fort.

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  1. Great, thanks a lot. Now I've got Sting's "Cookie Fortress Around Your Heart" and accompanying video on repeat in my brain.

    • If You Love Some Cookies, Set Them Free

      An Englishman Selling Cookies In New York

      If I Ever Lose My Faith In Cookies

      I'm So Happy, I Can't Stop Eating Cookies

      • You forgot Fields of Cookies and We'll Eat Cookies Together.
        Heh, Darn misheard lyrics, I always thought it was If You Love Somebody Feed Them Cookies.
        Also who can forget that creepy song about the baker obsessed stalker "Every Cookie You Bake".

  2. You know what they say: "A man can build two cookie forts, but he can only live in one at a time." Unless, you know, he builds a smaller one inside a larger one. Like cookie-fort nesting dolls. Does that count as two forts? Or, like, one cookie fort with an en-suite.

    You know if he's in there long enough it's gonna become the en-suite, regardless.

  3. I have two mental pictures right now of future comics:

    First, Fat Superman, in sweatpants, really letting himself go after switching to the Cookie Fortress of Solitude.

    Also, the Cookie Monster, in barbarian armor, inside the fort singing, "C is for Cookie Fort, that me defend with me life!!"

  4. I'm not good at making up aphorisms, so I'll just vote for the very first one, safer than a stick of celery, etc.

    I just wanted to ask if everyone read Joel's voice as that scientist-the-alien-uses-as-a-voice in MIB? He's got cookie tentacles wrapped around his throat, which lets the cookies speak through him somehow.

  5. "To thine own cookie fort be true."

    "A cookie in the hand is worth two in the cookie fort."

    "Let the cookie fort win."

    And as an added bonus: "If you give a mouse a cookie fort…" (Clearly he will then become your tyrannical cookie overlord.)

  6. A man's home is his cookie fort.

    It's good to know the girl scouts are prepared for this kind of thing. I just wonder what Jenkins' job is, 'cause I'm thinking he's like Liam Neeson in Taken.

  7. For the love of all the things: Where is that quote from? I remember a raspy voice saying "Release me" but I can't think of what it's from!!!!1!

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