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Another Blackest Friday has come and gone, and yet we still persist as a species? How we keep beating the odds and prolonging our toil on this watery space rock despite our best efforts is beyond me. This year Walmart had a 40″ TV for $200. Granted, it was a shitty brand, but if you walked in a store with two crispy Ben Franklins and walked out with a TV that is wider than your neglected children are tall, you’ve got to be feeling pretty good. Of course being at Walmart at 2am, you were probably feeling pretty good because of the meth coursing through your wiry and oddly pocked and speckled body. The meth was also certainly a contributing factor to your tv getting victory. Can you imagine how many deals you would have gotten were you endowed with PCP super strength? Next year. Next year.

COMMENTERS: What’s the worst you’ve every seen a human being treat another human being at a retail/grocery/etc store? Were you one of the human beings involved?

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