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Listen to me, because this is important. Unless someone pays you money to “do social media,” you are not a professional “social media” anything. If you think social media is your job and you aren’t getting paid for it, then you are mistaken. If  you had a regular job and then someone said, “Hey, why don’t you also handle the social media for us?” and they didn’t give you more money as a result, social media is still NOT your job. You’re just being taken advantage of by some jerk who doesn’t understand the Internet, the job you were already doing or how much your time is worth. If you have ANYTHING resembling “Social Media Guru” in your Twitter bio, then you are a bad person and none of your friends are actually your friends. There’s a 90% chance everyone you’ve ever met hates you. There is a 100% chance that I hate you.

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  1. Most people who have “Social Media Guru” in their bio are the ones who spend their time stealing other peoples posts, and jokes, and taking credit for them

  2. Is that second panel from your Twitter? I feel like it is.

    It is pretty amazing.

    Again, I lost it by the end of the news post. Both a good lesson about valuing your time/effort, as well as being fucking hilarious.

  3. If someone put “Debunker of the Social Media Guru Myth” in their Twitter bio, would you still hate them because they’re not getting paid for it?

  4. I actually once met someone who was a “Social Media Columnist” at some weird blog. She actually got paid to write about Twitter. Suffice it to say, her articles were intolerable and universally unliked. I stopped reading the blog and never talked to her again, so I assume she still blissfully writes about how to get more Twitter followers on some blog somewhere.

    • When I first started trying to make a living from comics (around 2007) it was the golden age of “PRO BLOGGING!” People could actually quit their jobs and write about their hobbies or lives or whatever because PPC ad rates were through the roof. This blogging boom started a new waves of pro-blogs ABOUT pro-blogging. These people were making a living blogging about how to make a living from blogging. It was the sort of thing that was almost too meta to exist and destined to be a short lived phenomenon. Still, I followed of a few of these people pretty closely to see what knowledge they had and how it might be applied to making a living from comics. At that time especially, online comics people were typically pretty terrible at the business side of things, and even worse at talking about it openly. These pro-blog dudes were super transparent, going as far as to detail exactly how much money they made and where it came from. I learned a lot, but there was always something about the whole ordeal that seemed flakey and douchey to me. I feel pretty safe going out on a limb and saying not one of those bloggers I followed is still blogging about blogging for a living.

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