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Alternate Title: Shark Weakness
He’s also been watching a lot of Shark Macgyver, Shark Wheel of Fortune and Shark Friends, the show about 6 friends who live above a coffee shop in New York and also they are sharks.

COMMENTERS: Gimme more Shark shows!

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        • You probably would have needed a fourth or fifth panel to get that one in without breaking the flow. I can see why it didn't make it in. But he says that every episode…all you'd need now is a hammerhead shark that's prepared to sell the entire store for a handful of magic beans. Preferably with a bucket of chum on hand…..

  1. Shark Doctor Who he abhors violence, till there's blood in the water.

    Other suggestions: Shark Idol, America's Got Shark Talent, I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant (with a shark)!

      • Only if the Jersey Shark eats the entire cast on the first(and only) episode, then I'd watch it, I'd watch the hell out of that.

        • Wouldn't that make the shark so ill, it'd die…then you'd have to call in *takes off sunglasses* Shark CSI.

  2. A Game of Sharks (A Shark of Thrones?)

    Alpha Sharks (Sharks with supershark powers!)

    Sharkscape ("My name is John Crichton, An Astroshark. A radioactive tidal wave hit and I got shot through a whirlpool. Now I'm lost in some distant part of the seas on a whale, a living whale! full of strange alien life forms. Feed Me, [FEED ME!] Listen please, is there anybody out there who can feed me? I'm being hunted [Hunted] by an insane military soup chef doing everything I can! I'm just looking for a way home!")

  3. Two And A Half Sharks, St. Elsesharks, CSI (Crime Shark Investigation), S (About a group of aliens who pose as sharks), Cagney & Sharky, Fins (Wings), Chum (Glee), Harry Sharker and the Deathly Hallows.

  4. For some reason I'm thinking the whole "shark thing" could be a great hook for a lawyer show.

    It could be about a real shark of a lawyer who is tenacious and does anything he can to win. It might even star veteran actor James Woods as the main character.

    And the title would obviously have to be "Lawyer".

  5. Sharkball with a Shark hosting instead of Chris Matthews.
    The vision of Grover Norquist fending off a shark attack makes me smile with glee.

  6. Shark Road Truckers, where truck drivers are filmed carrying weird loads and bitching about each other and the destination is an island whose only link to the mainland is a bridge. Made of sharks.

  7. Shark Survivor: 16 contestants are put into shark-infested waters until there is only one….oh, you get the picture.

  8. MasterShark. The competition is for who can be the best shark. The episodes are very short, and extremely gory.

    This would seriously rate through the roof.

  9. Sharky Odd Parents- About a neglected little boy who get two sharks for godparents… who promptly devours all his tormentors.

    Shark School Musical- The annoying story of a group of high school teenagers and their lives… and a shark. Who eats them. Especially the douchebag with the afro.

    Shark Wrestling Entertainment- Its wrestling. With sharks. The matches tend to be pretty predictable though.

  10. Sesame Sharks
    Sharky the Vampire Mauler
    The Shark Knight (movie adaptation of Batshark)
    The Walking Shark (scarier than any zombie)
    Shark Wars Episode 1: The Toothsome Menace
    Donnie Sharko

    • With some of the uh… unconventional… twists they threw at us last season, your pitch may prove to be better than the real thing in the long run…

    • I…. I wanted to hate this. But with the shit going on in Fringe last season, you're idea may just be proven correct.

  11. Sharkgate Universe. A group of Sharks, including a few civilian contractor sharks, are forced to take an unscheduled jump through a sharkgate and wind up on a ship quadrillions of lightyears from home. Will they find their way home? Will the sharkvilians and military sharksonnel ever figure out how to work together? Will they get life support reconfigured for aquatic life before everyone dries out? We'll never know because it gets canceled a mere season after getting really, really good.

    Sharkwood: The Doctor Who spinoff about the top-secret organization started by Queen Victoria to protect England's waters from alien threats. Starring Captain Jack Sharkness, an immortal shark from the 51st century who may or may not eventually evolve into a remora attached to the Face of Boe.

  12. Shark Red Dwarf about a guy who wakes up on a ship and his only friend is a creature who evolved from his pet shark.

  13. The Flintsharks. Just image all the clever puns where they replace common words with sea related words. Just imagine all the adventures Fred would have with his buddy Barnacle.

  14. battleSHARK galactica, Falling Sharks, Shark Notice, Big Shark Love (3 ladies married to one shark) or Sister Sharks (one guy married to 3 sharks), 2 and a half Sharkmen (it would kinda be like Cavemen and 2 half men combined), Syfy move of the week “Shark-pire vs Mechcao-Wheaton: The Sharkening”, Bleep my Dad says while being eaten by a shark, 8 simple rules for dating my teenage shark, Shark Trek Deep Star Six, Beevis and Sharkhead, America’s got Sharks (catapult the uberfail contestants from ‘Talent’ ‘Idol’ and ‘dance’ into some previously chumed waters, hijinks will ensue…), Hanna Sharktana (shark in a blond wig with a terror-ble accent),

  15. "Sir the shark choked to death on a surfboard trying to get at the surfer."

    "Looks like the shark…" *puts on glasses* "bit off more than he could chew."


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