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This is probably as close as I get to a political cartoon.

Before you point out that you don’t play tridimensional chess with 3 people (though you should, I mean there are three dimensions), and that all the chess pieces are in the wrong places and don’t look like real chess pieces, let’s go ahead and assume that Joel, Josh and Eli bought this 3D chess set off of Craigslist and they don’t actually know how to play (because no one does).

I know this comic really doesn’t make any sense (unless you are both ME and a SUPER STAR TREK NERD), but I was reading Wiki articles about Star Trek (specifically the ending of DS9, the Dominion War, and Worf”s family) and I got to thinking about how there really were some parallels between Worf and Obama (thin premise, I know). Then I figured it would be fun to draw Obama as a Klingon and thus I birthed the four confusing panels you see above. What can I say? This is EXACTLY how my brain works.

If you were to map out my thought process, it goes something like “need to write a comic -> I haven’t done anything about Obama (I support him) -> should I? This isn’t a political site -> I wonder if Alexander Rozhenko appeared in DS9 after he served with Worf on the Rotaran -> let’s check Wiki -> God I hated Alexander -> Oh I forgot that Sisko got Cassidy pregnant then be became black alien Jesus -> what if Obama was a Klingon?”

See? Actually, when I write it out like that it makes perfect sense.

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  1. I'm somewhat confused by this comic. Bonus points for the star trek reference of course, and major geek cred for actually being able to name the various klingon items (a feat that with the exception of the bat'leth I can't do despite seeing just about every star trek episode ever), but I'm just not sure the juxtaposition of Obama and Warf is really that funny. Now toss in Hillary as a Romulan, and that might be funny. Maybe the humor in this one is too subtle for me to really appreciate.

  2. I knew this would be a confusing one. Actually Joel stops talking about the Worf/Obama comparison and is ONLY talking about Worf. The closer to 1am I write these things, the less sense they make.

  3. Does this make Michelle Obama "Jadzia Dax?" If so, do you think her spots run all the way down? I do. Great strip, Joel.

  4. "I'm just not sure the juxtaposition of Obama and Warf is really that funny"
    It's not.
    "Hillary as a Romulan"
    That was in the first draft but required twice the panels. Should would have looked cool (more evil) with the window's peak.

  5. I also like that you said comments were back as of 1:04p central. It's only noon central. So either Texas time is different from the rest of central (possible), or Joel, you're posting from the future (ooooooh! <spooky music>), which is also quite possible.

  6. Now I have to coordinate all 3 me's (the young, the the current, and the senile ) to fire a tachyon pulse into the tear in subspace in all three times or the universe will implode. Thanks.

  7. Obama-Worf FTW. If Obama-Worf doesn't win this election… someone else will. (It's a prolific thought, I know. I thought I might be going somewhere with that but, as fate would have it, I was wrong.)

    Next comic: "I am McCain of Borg. Resistance is futile."

    [Sorry if this double-posts.]

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  9. I assume the whale bodice that Geppetto inhabits for part of the film/novel is similar to Ms. Simpson's cooch. Learn to obscure reference (actually, due to that comic up there^, that sentence is clearly some form of sarcastic irony)…

  10. But we all know the whole point of the Carousel of Progress was the air conditioning and chairs. It was always empty, lines were short, and it was a great way to kill time.

    For those reasons and more, it was the shit. "Lemme get a sasparilla! Oh, I forgot, they're calling it ROOT BEER now!"

    Of course, the ride is shut down now. Alot of old stuff is being replaced. And they really seem to be doing it poorly. Whole chunks of the park are shut down at once instead of little by little. Body works is gone. That place taught me that science can be interesting and fun. Also, cocks. And cooters.

  11. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a political comic. Now I'm going to have to vote for Obama cause he reminds me of Worf

  12. Point taken. AC is divine in Florida heat. NO BODY WORKS! I loved that place. They had the optical illusion house where you friend could go inside then you looked in a whole and your friend appeared to be a giant. Oh well. I went a few years ago and Epcot had several large areas shut down for retooling. The Honey I Shrunk the Kids 3D show was rad.

  13. We ate at their "health food" stand when I was 9. They served me a healthy sandwich that looked like cat vomit on bread. I think it was supposed to be tuna. I like that ride where you were in the kids brain looking out of his eyes while he was attacked by a dog.

  14. Hmm thank you for explaining that to me. It might have been some weird latened thing but, I do remeber getting it at the age of 4. I didn't mean to upset you man. But, it is good to know that we got more type ones out there. DIABETIC POWA!

  15. All I have to say, is I read that wiki article on 3d chess, and the only part of it that screamed awesome was:
    "The king moves just like a queen but one step at a time."
    Somehow I just pictured Eddie Izzard talking about men wearing heels.

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  17. I really can't believe you would post that, instead of google'ing, wiki'ing, or some other avenue of 5 second research. That would be like eating a Reese's and wondering who got their peanut butter in your chocolate!

  18. I wasn't trying to be mean o.O I thought that my Reese's comment illustrated the funny! I apologize to honest ape if my humor didn't shine through. I keep forgetting that smiling when you type means nothing =/

  19. I have to be comfy with a website, been there often enough and have a bond with it, before I can type pantless. It's not something you just use stumbleupon and go 'hey Im pantless!'. Well, some do that, but I guess I have higher pantless interwebs standards.

  20. oooh it'd be like bizzaro not-tasha yar! whatever her name was… sorry, i tried to block that arc (and alexander) out.

    well, i think it's funny, and appreciate the parallel, however vague it may be. plus obama still makes a better klingon than christopher lloyd…

  21. bush doesn't get to be a captain… if worf-obama is the ds9 iteration, maybe bush can be that flaky sexless 'founder'. laura bush kinda looks like weyun…

  22. Ha! I blogged it! Awesome! I think you conviced me to support Obama now, I hadn't been decided yet, but comparing him to my second fav TNG character? Brillant!

  23. This was funnier then I would've imagined. I don't watch as much Star Trek as I use to, but I remember it all and Obama/Worf is genius. Also I am so happy that I now know of someone else who hated Alexander.

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