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COMMENTERS: Has anyone ever tried to share a place, store, food, experience that they ABSOLUTELY LOVE with you, somehow ignoring the fact that you ABSOLUTELY HATE that sort of thing? Did it broaden your horizons or further alienate you from something you already despised.

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Kirby · 86 weeks ago

No, it’s usually me doing the showing and I end up feeling bad about things I like.

D&D, card games, video games, everything else I like… 🙁

I need to get to know some non-nerds.

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Kirby · 86 weeks ago

Er, I mean nerds. I only know non-nerds.
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Candace · 86 weeks ago

The only thing I can think of is when a friend turned me on to Dr. Who. I was pretty much already a science fiction geek, but was always dubious about Dr. Who because back in the ’70s and ’80s the special effects looked extra-cheesy even for cheesy sci-fi series. He convinced me to give it a shot, though, and once I started watching, I was hooked.

I’m not sure that really counts, though, since I was already into other science fiction series (original Star Trek, etc.) and other nerdy pursuits like AD&D. It wasn’t really completely outside my box, it was just deeper in than I’d ventured before.

I did try golfing with a family member once, which, although I didn’t develop a burning desire to start getting into golfing, caused me to develop a new respect for the game. (It’s harder than it looks. I didn’t do well. :-D) That was my choice, though – no one talked me into it – I just thought I would give it a try since I have multiple family members who are into it, and I figured I should try it out to see if I was missing out on something. (It was OK, but not compelling enough for me to decide to spend time and effort getting better at it.)

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Megdanger · 86 weeks ago

I am a nerd and my boyfriend is decidedly non-nerdy and all up in every sport ever, which I’ve dutifully ignores my whole life. Early on when we were dating he took me to a hockey game because it’s seriously his favorite thing and he wanted to share it with me and I didn’t want to be a jerk and long story short: hockey is awesome. It’s like ice skating with with violence!
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R. W. · 86 weeks ago

Mmyeah, this is pretty much how I feel about all sports-related things all the time.
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Adam D. · 86 weeks ago

I have never been a fan of Indian food… it’s not that it’s bad, it’s just… it’s never appealed to me. One of my former co-workers would go, every Friday, without fail, to a local all you can eat Indian place. He begged me for months to go with him, and finally I relented one time, if for no other reason than to keep him from continually asking.

As soon as I stepped in, I knew I had made a mistake. Maybe it was the type of curry they were using, maybe it was the quantity… but the place absolutely REEKED of curry. I know intellectually when you go into an Indian restauraunt you will smell curry, but when it smells like everything was boiled in it for about 6 hours… not so appealing.

After a tortuously long hour, we departed, with him excitedly asking “So, would you like to go again?”
“Um… no thanks, I prefer Sushi on Fridays…”
“Sushi? man, they don’t cook the food there… there’s no smell.”
Never asked me again, blessedly.

(Anecdotally – I tried the Chicken Tikka Masala Curry from the British Beer Company, and it’s delicious, though true indian fans will berate my choice of the McDonald’s of curries)

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DuckAmuck · 86 weeks ago

I feel like my husband does this crap to me all the time. I used to listen to pop music – now I’m totally a metal-head. (don’t get me started about radio metal)
There are a lot of TV shows or movies I don’t have an interest in, or have tried and didn’t stick with – but since he’s watching it and won’t shut up about it, I end up sitting through it. (wouldn’t know Whedon without it)

Never ever ever goes the other way, though. “You STILL haven’t watched Breaking Bad? And you don’t feel like you’re missing anything?”

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Eleanor · 86 weeks ago

Every encounter I have ever had with any Anime fan. I have watched my fair share, and I don’t care for it. Didn’t hate it…..until the 25th Anime fan yelling at me that I just haven’t seen the RIGHT Animie yet kicked the toggle switch in my brain. Now someone just mentioning they like Anime is enough to start the eye twitch and the fist clenching and the stabby-stabby.

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My father had 4 box seat season tickets to Mets stadium first and second row right behind first base. He had them for about 25 years. I went four times. Each time all I did was watch the teleprompter and look for the snack vendors to get closer. 😉

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PokeyPuppy · 86 weeks ago

Oh man, my family is NUTS for the Yankees. And I just can’t stand baseball, bores the crap out of me. I’ve tried, multiple times – don’t like playing it, don’t like watching it. Means I make more of an effort with the sports I do kind of like, though – basketball, volleyball, soccer…
I throw a super bowl party every year. I have a 70″ flat screen (for video games) and I never watch football. Makes me the perfect host for cooking and putting out the food. I never know who is in the super bowl until I get to the party store and buy super bowl themed paper plates. 😉
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Spescase · 86 weeks ago

All the time, I’m pretty willing to try new things usually, so when it comes to something I think I’ll hate I feel guilty not giving my friends at least a chance. MLP was something that alienated me more from it, because it was EXACTLY what I expected, a kids show, but then there is redneck culture which, as odd as it sounds, is actually kind of fun from time to time. They know how to party and I’ve only been involved in a few drunken brawls with them. Usually it’s all better in the sober anyway.
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seriously · 86 weeks ago

Back when The Wire was still on I had a girlfriend who ranted and raved about how I needed to watch it with her. Never watched a single episode, and still feel like I missed nothing.

Although I did eventually turn her into a hardcore sci-fi nerd, so I guess I won that one.

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thebpm · 86 weeks ago

I have a friend who has tried to get me into bubble tea on several occasions with different vendors, and each time I think, nope, texture’s still ALL WRONG.
People keep trying to get me into Homestuck. I think the concept is super neat and exciting, and it’s awesome to see someone doing something unique online, mixing media, etc. But I find the storyline really tedious, and if I need to slog through 100, 200, 300, etc updates or installations before something “gets good,” then the author has failed as an author. This is true for books and tv shows, too… If your entire first season is ass, I’m not going to watch it, you know?

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Runcibletune · 86 weeks ago

Um, I’m not sure if this is a thing that has anything to do with your site, Joel, but when I clicked the comments link I had a page load that told me I had the wrong version of Java. I was about to click the “Save File” button before I realized that was a REALLY dumb idea. I do in fact have the correct version of Java, and that page seems to have been a malware thingy?

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teddy · 85 weeks ago

same thing just happened to me
Seems to be a thing that’s going around. I have alerted the proper tech authorities.
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Jesse · 85 weeks ago

Why am I seeing Evil Fox Executive?

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He may or may not be based on someone I may or may not have worked for in the past. #mayormaynot
I would arson that place at most and at least, I would leave
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that guy · 85 weeks ago

pretty much anytime I am asked to meet at one of those chain restaurants that caters to families or “business types that want to pretend to be hip, but wanna really be safe”. Few friends that really love those sorta places, but they just make my skin crawl.

That and “the mall” in general.

I think there may be direct correlation be hair products/brand names and eww factor for me.

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    • I see him too, i have determined that it they both have hate filled pinnapple hearts or there is and inspiration for the both characters from either someone Joel knows or created previously

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