He’s a maniac, a maniac on the floor

Despite the fact that we know almost nothing about Joss Whedon’s internet musical (they have those now?), “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog,” it now has it’s own fan blog. That may be a little “putting the fan-blorg before the actual blorg” but that’s how the kids roll these days. Ideas that Whedon hasn’t even had yet already have fan forums, erotic fan-fic, crossover slash with “Veronica Mars” and “Save Joss’s Future Idea from Cancellation!” petitions.

His followers (of which I certainly am one) are quite devoted. I can only assume that all 7 season’s of “Buffy” were laden with subliminal messages that will allow Joss to activate us in his time of need. Look out world. If a zombie-like hoard of kids with ironic tee shirts and even more ironic haircuts come lumbering at you, GET OUT OF THEY WAY! It could only mean Joss Whedon is in trouble and rest assured they will kill you to get to him. They might eat you. Depends on what kind of suggestion he implanted.

So anyway, say we (the Whedon Zombie Hoard) are called and we march to his rescue from… an IRS audit or something. Does he say the secret Mandarin Chinese word and deactivate us like so much River Tam, or does he keep as his personal militia of devout killing machines?  I, for one, would gladly live out my days as one of his elite death squad. Why do I assume Whedon has so many enemies?

Based on Joel’s wardrobe and Denise’s comment, what guilty pleasures do you indulge in. Mine is typically watching TV shows I hate until they are cancelled. It’s like once I start something I have to see it through to the end despite loathing ever god forsaken minute of it. Past and current offenders include “Dawson’s Creek”(i know), “Enterprise,” and “Smallville.” I’ve come clean. What about you?

UPDATE: Whedon filmed in this guy’s personal super villain lair! He was a home owner from the show “Monster House” that had his home transformed into an evil dungeon. Everything about this story is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.

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  1. I would die for Joss Whedon! Or maybe, I dunno, get bitten by an angry rabid dog or something…

    I'm loving the expressions. Especially Joel's in the last panel. I'd like to voice an opinion as well: I know that as an ongoing evolution of the comic, you're still experimenting with styles, and while I'm so on board with everything thus far, I gotta say that I like the way that bespectacled characters (Eli and so on) look with the glasses lenses filled in a la http://hijinksensue.com/2008/03/10/america-voted-

    Anyhoodle… that's all.

  2. I really don't understand why people like Buffy so much, I never watched it the first time around but I watch the reruns sometimes and it seems like your average drama with maybe a little better writing and wackier situations.

  3. Leave him alone, they're not legwarmers… they're… gym-socks…

    On a side note, the christmas-360-box-kid video seems to be the only video on youtube I can't convert to a windows file format and download so as to put the sad Charlie Brown christmas as a backtrack. If anyone can convert this with some form of site please reply, it'll help to win the internet…


  4. Quite liking Eli's thoughtful expression in panel 5, then his "Occam's razor" reasoning behind Joel's outfit in the last panel.

    And Josh has a long way to go with bare feet…

  5. I can definitely relate to following a horrible TV series just because I've started it.

    For me, it was October Road. I found it through my obsession over Lindy Booth, and it just so happened to be around the beginning of the writer's strike, so I downloaded all the episodes up to that point, and even though they were pretty much appallingly bad, I still kept watching it after good shows came back.

  6. Yessss Dawson's Creek. Also Gilmore Girls (before Rory whored it up), Bravo shows like Project Runway and Top Chef, The Amazing Race. Movies like "Clueless." Dane Cook's early stand-up (he USED to be good, don't judge me).

    Maybe the worst is Kelly Clarkson yesiknowshutupshutupshutup.

  7. I can't figure it out, and it's annoying me enough to finally just ask. Is Kratos…er, Josh really gay, or do you just hate him?

    Because, if he really is gay, holy SHIT that makes the Dumbledore comic at least 3x as funny (and it was already pretty god damned funny).

  8. Oh yeah, he's gay. I never put in the comic "hello, Im gay" because that would never happen in real life. I dont want this comic to be about sex (unless it fits the joke) so Ive just treated it like everyone already knows.

  9. Dude, I hear ya. I like the look of it much more too. The problem is it makes it hard to make him expressive. I will probably go back to teh filled in glasses.

    Anyone else have an opinion on this?

  10. I'll be the first person to tell you I'm pretty fucking dense, so I hadn't picked up on it.

    You guys are MERCILESS! Awesome.

  11. Clueless gets a free ride in my book. You have to take it in context. Its basically a documentary about the mid 90's.

    Gilmore girls seasons 1-5 we nothing to ever be ashamed of. Character development out the yang! Amazing writing and superb acting. It tanked in the last two seasons due to conflicts with the network and the creators departure.

  12. Cops has always been one of those shows I feel guilty about watching but can't help it whenever it's on. Without fail every time they end I have a white trash tainted feeling.

    Tru Calling was another guilty one. It should have been awesome seeing as it had both Eliza Dushku and Zach Galifianakis but it just wound up being really boring. I kept watching it despite that. Fortunately it was a short lived crap TV obsession. I never quite understood why I stuck with it since I always secretly resented it for preventing a Faith spin-off.

  13. We had a pretty good discussion on the last Podcast about it. A 30 second explanation of Buffy would almost always turn off your average geek. Being forced to watch at least 6 eps from season 3 would get you hooked for life.

  14. It's one of those things that if you watch it from the beginning it's easier to understand better. Midway through season 2 it has a kickass plot twist and from there the show never really slowed down (just had some weaker points). The same can be applied to Angel.

  15. I could give you this one if I didn't hate Kirsten Dunst so much. I remember enjoying it guiltily a few years back. I just can't watch it again because of her though.

  16. mmm… delicious brains….
    I also have to say that you guys are awesome. Treebeard and Sean Connery should have a discussion on your podcast…. maybe they can discuss "Shwords!" 🙂

  17. Yeah that should go down as one of the great TV blunders. The spin off was going to feature faith and spike going town to town on a motorcycle fighting demons. So bascically they made "Supernatural" instead.

  18. I'm still holding out meek hope for some sort of Spike movie/TV spin-off. He was always my favorite supporting character on Buffy and they transitioned him into Angel perfectly.

    I at least have my decent IDW Spike comics and Spike: After the Fall coming up for now.

  19. Spike fans can catch James Marsters on Torchwood this season. He plays..durh…a villain. He's not Spike per se, but just as enjoyable to watch.

    Torchwood itself is a pretty big guilty pleasure. John Barrowman in general is sex on a stick. Burn Gorman ain't so bad either. And how I love those beautiful Welsh vowels.

    Plus, they fight aliens, and that's always fun.

  20. I like that look too; I took Eli's glasses in that one to be reflecting the tv screen. How bout a hybrid–seeing some eye behind a reflection? I was looking over a few other recent hijinks and the eyes give me a lot of info that I'd miss otherwise.

  21. Wait a second… Rory whored it up? an ex used to love it so we watched.. but that only lasted like two seasons… I always wanted her to take the route that xtine and britney did. Totally could picture her with the black eyeliner.. and then..

    Um where was I again?

  22. The next comic had better feature some reference to the song Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six.

    I will giggle like a schoolgirl if it does.

  23. Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris, and Felicia Day. It's like the Holy Trinity of geekdom!

    As for guilty pleasures, I'll submit my love of professional wrestling (I work for NWA, albeit behind the camera), Maury 'you are NOT the father' episodes, and Brett Michaels' "Rock of Love".

  24. I never got into Buffy, but I did get into the last two seasons of Angel and I totally loved 'em. I had seen enough Buffy to know who the characters were, and it was so well written. Almost like CSI meets vampires. I'd like to get 'em all on DVD.

  25. "We've substituted Bob's Gillette with Occam's razor. Let's watch and see what happens…"

    "I'm using Occam's razor right now…and loving it!"

    "With Occam's razor, my face is as smooth as a Joss-Zombie's backside!"

    Wait…where was I??

  26. I think you went about it very well. I've had an inkling Josh was of the gay persuasion for a while. But you never really said it, so I just put it away in my mind. That's the best way to go about it.

    Of course, doesn't Josh die alot in the comic?

  27. must…protect…whedon………


    the static shock cartoon from the wb is my guily pleasure of choice…that and fashion reality shows when i'm around cable…and reading animorphs…DON'T JUDGE ME!!!! *hides face and runs away*

  28. Ya know … I probably wouldn't DIE for the guy. Might be convinced to take a small caliber round in the fleshy part of my thigh.

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