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[Posted 6/21/11 ] This weekend we finally celebrated my 30th birthday, so I am a bit behind on comics. I will let you interperet how those two things are related in whichever way you choose. Thank you to my friends that helped me celebrate and especially to Josh IRL and Jeff for hosting the whole thing and for their tremendous generosity.

So I guess Green Lantern is pretty terrible, huh? Oh well. At least Hal Jordan has a new pal he can trust forever. I wonder what Sinestro means on his planet. I’m sure it’s something totally innocuous like “wisdom,” “truthful” or a abstract term that translate loosely into English as “the color of blood in the moonlight from a neck slit by the knife of a former friend.”

Commenters: Feel free to post your GL movie thoughts. I feel like anyone that REALLY wants to see this movie already has, so let fly the spoilers of war.

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  1. Haven't seen the movie, had no intention of seeing it. X-Men already gave me my superhero fix, and it included a hot young Xavier that hit on girls with science. That's MY kind of Xavier!

    …I'll be in my bunk.

  2. I always had the same thought.. his name is SINESTRO!? He convinced the Guardians to build a ring out of EVIL! He's british in an American movie! (Tomar-Re is an Aussie, he gets a pass)

  3. Well, sinistra means left (or left hand if used as a noun), compared to dextra – right (hand). The reason for the evolution into the modern meanings lies in the fact that back in the day, lefties were evil! And possessed by the Devil, apparently.

    • "back in the day"? How is it any different today? Lefties are feared for their use of witchcraft and hunted for their pelts and delicious hand meats.

      • Actually it was because the modern handshake evolved from a gesture demonstrating that your weapon-hand was empty, whereas if you were Sinister (a lefty) you could show your right hand was empty, then produce a weapon with your primary hand and stab the person you just shook hands with.

        • I'm left handed too and am also a practicing witch. My pelt is highly sought after in my city and I can't go anywhere without someone trying to gnaw at my hand meat, pete bone *points down* is right, it does taste like bacon, and had I no use for my left hand, I'd probably eat it too. It makes group projects in college very difficult you know "Guys seriously, focus on Freudian psychology here and quit eyeing my hand like a triple bacon cheeseburger!"

      • Yeah that's fairly accurate, I'm a lefty, what I do some consider to be witchcraft, and I have been told I taste good, thought I'm not too sure about my pelt.

    • And Sinestro IS left-handed. (I'm not sure when they established that in the comics, but it does explain his name quite well, I think.) Really, it's everything else Joel pointed out that raises the red flag. Plus the English accent.

  4. I actually enjoyed Green Lantern. In fact, overall, I enjoyed it more than X-men: First Class. This may have something to do with the fact that I've never read a Green Lantern comic. And at least Parallax's smoke octopus looked better than Galactus' fart cloud from the Fantastic Four movie.

    • To be fair, A fart cloud from Galactus would probably suffocate a large portion of Earth's population. I want to make a tasteless comment about what happens after Galactus eats Mexicans, but I won't.

  5. Just going by the trailers, I thought, "WAY too much CGI." My feeling is, if it has to depend almost completely on CGI, it's not going to be very good. Kinda like TRON. But totally unlike LOTR. Also, the word of mouth after a trailer comes out is partially to blame. "Wow", "Epic", "I can't wait!", or one of my favorites, "This movie CAN'T fail!" And all these accolades for a freakin' trailer. So expectations are high when the film finally comes out, and……… *thud*, it falls flat because the actual movie is not as good than the trailer.

    • The GL constructs and suits are manifestations of willpower energy. Of all the sci fi/comics effects in modern movies, these are the ones that SHOULD look like CGI.
      GL practical effects would just look cheesy.

  6. Wasn't there some talk back in the day, some shit-talking if you will from DC about how if Green Lantern did well, they just wouldn't be able to give Ryan Reynolds a couple weeks off to shoot Deadpool? And now the reverse has happened, so we should be getting a really epic Deadpool movie because of how much time just opened up in RR's schedule for not shooting GL2, right? Or is it still too early to tell?

  7. Am i going to get made fun of if I say the movie was actually pretty good?

    Because the movie was actually pretty good. I'm not really sure what the issue with it was. I saw it, I liked it. It's not Oscar material, and X-Men was better. But I mean… It was pretty sweet. I say go see it, and enjoy your popcorn flick.


    • I concur. It was a fun movie. Ryan Reynolds is always good value and is charming the way Bruce Willis was 20 years ago.

      • I could've done w/o the chick who was the love interest, and some of the movie, or most of it, had been done better by Bruce Timm and company when they made the stand alone DCAU stuff.
        It was a decent popcorn flick that you'll see forever on cable, chopped up into bite-sized commercial segments.

        Of course, I also think parents who brough their under 6 year old children to the movie, should be fed to Sinestro's ring, since their kids CLEARLY COULDN'T HANDLE watching the flick…either because it scared the snackies out of them, or they're obviously TOO YOUNG TO SIT IN A MOVIE THEATHER long enough to watch this thing.
        Was half hoping the Harry Potter trailer would start shooting lightning bolts at them…

    • More importantly! Fantastic Four has a 27%, and Green Lantern only has 26% on Rotten Tomatoes. That's… horrific.

  8. Everyone can just call me super-lame, because I actually thought this comic referred to the newest animated Green Lantern release – which was totally awesome (if a little bit hackneyed).

    A red guy named Sinestro should never be trusted, unlike a green guy named Piccolo – who can eventually be trusted.

    I still say I would watch Ryan Reynolds hang wallpaper, so who cares if he can't act a bad script better.

  9. I felt the movie was meh, but more importantly, can we have a, "Let fly the spoilers of war" Tshirt? Possibly with Snape killing Dumbledore, Darth Vader proclaiming he's Luke's father, Sinestro is evil, etc…

  10. For a second there I thought Hal was gonna draw a vagina in his manual.

    (You just know Guy Gardner doodled penises all over his.)

  11. After seeing the movie again (shocking I know,) I came to the conclusion that the worst part of the movie was how they told the back stories. They were either chopped up into flashbacks with something else going on, partially viewed, or briefly mentioned. Nothing was over really expanded on like how Hector knew Hal or Carol. Also the CGI was good except for when they tried to impose Reynolds head on to a full CGI body, or the mask over his non-CGI head. Otherwise I say this is a fairly enjoyable movie.

  12. Apart from the fact that I was able to predict everything, including the post-credits ending,(Bear in mind I have had no real exposure to the Green Lantern story before I saw this) I thought it was not bad. Not GREAT, but not bad. Even thought the sequel will be equally predictable, if not more so, I'll probably still see it. If nothing else it's a nice way to kill an afternoon. BTW, I feel like it was trying to be more like Batman than Star Wars. Just saying.

  13. I think the problem with the movie was how quickly it kept switching between scifi, superhero and mundane with very little waring, rather than an overabundance of CGI. Honestly, can you suggest a way to make a Green Lantern movie without that much CGI?

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