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Coffee Is LifeThere Are Four LightsSuch Darmok and the remaining (25 or so) signed and numbered Daddy/Daughter Digital Drawing Time Posters have just been added to the HijiNKS ENSUE Store.

The regular prints are available in 8.5×11″ for $9.95 and 11×17″ for $17.95. The Daddy/Daughter prints are marked down from $35 to $15 while they last!



There are about 40 left. GO HERE and get yours. 

UPDATE 4/13/15: I’m over my con crud, done with my taxes and working on the comic backlog. Thank you for your patience. 

COMMENTERS: What is the part of your part that you do the most that has the LEAST to do with your actual job?

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  1. Pewdiepie made like 20 million bucks in 2013, and all he does is yell over videogames. I used to punch people who did that.

  2. Seeing as I drive tractor-trailers for a living there isn't much time where I'm NOT doing my job (or, at least, PAYING ATTENTION to my job).

    However, I find myself listening to the radio, actively, and driving is just something that's happening in the background.

  3. When I worked in the computer lab on campus, I'd have to walk over to one of the other buildings to check that lab and I'd always take the longest route possible so I could just get up and go for a walk and be outside the building, because the lab didn't have any windows and during the summer especially being in a windowless building sucked. So walks to and from the other building.

  4. I was hired to be an Administrative Assistant. However, I accidentally became their web developer as well (I still have to type meeting minutes and order lunches while I do this). If it weren't a non-profit, I'd probably actually ask for web developer pay rates too.

  5. Like most people who have a computer with web access, I read the mostly web articles that have nothing to do with my job, or reminisce about the one job that I never had a chance to do again. Being an educator at a computer summer camp was incredible fun. All us teachers had cool handles instead of using our names and we actually taught stuff that catered to their interests, like me teaching 3D game design and game programming. That's what I think about at work. That and where my students went with that education.

    Waiting on people to contact me.
    Waiting on people to pay me once they've contacted me back.
    Waiting on the extra details I need to complete my work.
    Waiting on people to contact me, once I've emailed them completed work, to see if everything is okay, or if it needs changes.
    And then finally, when I finish my work, and want to post it to the website where I sell the majority of my work, each post has an arbitrary time limit between each post. (You can only post ever 5 minutes or whatever it is.) So… waiting on that.

    Although on the other hand, I watch so much Netflix while I work, that it's absurd. SO much Netflix. I'm afraid I may have to cancel my subscription in the next couple of years, because I'll have exhausted their library.

  7. I work at a call centre. Sometimes the calls are back-to-back, and that's fine. Sometimes there's time between the calls, and depending on the time of day, it can be anywhere from a couple minutes to over fifteen minutes.

    In the open time, when I'm not just goofing off playing games, I'm either embroidering (a lot of people knit there to keep their hands busy while they talk) or teaching myself Sindarin. A friend at work and I are learning it to go with the Elvish Ranger costumes we're doing up for a con this fall.

    So that's pretty far from my usual job of setting up people's wifi for them and stuff. 😀

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