Emerald City Comicon 2015 Fancy Sketches Part 2

More ECCC 2015 Sketch-A-Matic Sketches. Most of these are from day 2, with a few from day 3.

In this one you can see some of the same cards that came up in part 1. I try to draw something different each time, even if I get cards I’ve already drawn. Though, I do jump at the chance to draw a giant bag of tacos any time someone gets the “Taco Tuesday” card. This set of sketches marks the first time I’ve ever drawn a kid “Free Willy-ing” a shark (that looks like a dolphin) with a chainsaw. I can finally cross that off my chum bucket list.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Sketch-A-Matic, here’s a bit of info about it: 


The idea is simple, but the technology behind it is VAST and COMPLICATED!

It works like this: 

  • The willing participant presses the big, red, impressive button
  • The machine SPRING TO LIFE whirring and gyrating and buzzing
  • When it finishes processing your individual, one of a kind sketch topic, you will hear a distinctive DING!
  • 2 topic cards are spit out of the machine and placed on the sketch generation matrix
  • The user may then choose to ad a multiplier card that will irrevocably alter the sketch in heretofore unimaginable ways!
  • The machine’s operator (known as: The Artist) begins generating the one of a kind sketch using pencils and pens and paper like some horribly out of date 2D printer

Basically I was getting a lot of similar sketch requests at conventions, OR I was getting  a lot of “I don’t know, draw whatever you want,” type requests, so I developed this system to ensure there was always a decisive sketch idea ready to go, and that no two sketches would ever be exactly the same. I’ve tested it out for the first time at Dragon’s Lair Webcomic Rampage in Austin and the results were incredibly amusing. Plus the whole process of “THE MACHINE” is pretty fun.


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  1. The Buttpocalypse is real and should be mocked only at your own peril….interestingly enough the Buttpocalypse will be preceded by Taco Tuesday (for which occasion Sirius Black developed the "Expecto Patròn" spell)

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