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I suspect I won’t get around to making an actual comic about The Dark Knight Rises during this storyline, so I feel like I need to direct you to the Fancy Bastard Facebook Group threads on the subject, both spoiler free and SUPER SPOILERY. I have shared SO MANY OPINIONS on that particular bit of cinematic Batmanery and such a STRONG DESIRE to share them.

COMMENTERS: If you have Batman opinions and don’t want to join the Facebook discussion, feel free to post them below. If you are going to post spoilers, please start your comment with !!!SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!!

Alternately: Any experience, positive or negative with homebrew, moonshine, or other jars of miscellaneous clear or brown liquids?

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  1. long time back my buddy made a huge batch of homemade Baileys. It was basically whiskey and coffee and creamer. it was awesome stuff! but you had to drink it within a week or it started to seperate. That was the excuse anyway. that was when I was 19 and could drink without developing zombie-plague hangovers

  2. Ah I remember the time I tried to make home brewed cider…
    Gassoline it may have smelled like but it was still alcohol and I was proud of it…
    I'm sure it was mostly non toxic, I mean I lived right?

  3. My family has been making moonshine for a few generations. It started off with Grand marnier and Crème de menthe but now i've expended our recipe book with Peach schnapps, Amaretto and Cherry brandy. This way we can make it to our liking (stronger) and they make great gift to give friends and family

  4. Dear XXX, You obviously haven't been following Hijenks Ensue for very long or bothered to go back to the beginning or at least a few weeks back from today's strip. It sounds like you prefer Jack Chick comics any way. Sayonara Auf Weidersein Ciao Good Riddance And grow the f#%k up!


    On the whole I was pretty disappointed with DKR… mainly because it wasn't very Batman. Batman works best when his conflict is intense and personal. Bane didn't have the charisma to do that. He's a force… he's a presence… but he's not really a character. He's more of a movie monster. The 'Oh crap, the monster showed up. Run!' He's not scary to the audience. He's powerful… but remember that scene in Dark Knight when the Joker is video taping a fake batman and says "look at me. LOOK AT ME!" There's never a moment like that with Bane. No chilling moment. There are chances for them "What a beautiful voice" but you never really get it.

    Also lost was "Batman the Detective". Batman doesn't lead an army of police officers in a street brawl in broad daylight. He's not a general… that's for Captain America. Batman fights from the shadows and out thinks his opponent. He takes thumb prints from shot bullets. He uses gadgets to his advantage. Bane was stronger than Batman and beat him in a fistfight, what does batman do? The real answer is outwit Bane. Hell even in DKR Batman uses his gadgets and thinking to beat the Joker (I know how you got these scars). In DKR he just got stronger in prison and initiated ANOTHER fistfight.

    For me the story was too large to capture the nuance that makes Batman work. Batman isn't a war epic… it's a character study for both The Bat and The Villain.

    • To be honest, I've never seen Nolan/Bale Batman as anything other than a martial artist in a costume with some expensive toys that he didn't invent, he's hardly the detective or inventor of the comic books, but that's ok, the Nolan films do a great job of telling their own stories within their narrower context. Bale's Batman is essentially the willpower winning through against all odds hero, and this movie displays that both as Bruce Wayne and the Bat.

      • I'm not looking for the Batman of the comics, but rather the one who, in the Dark Knight, requests time at a crime scene before the police contaminate it. The one who took Fox's invention of the cellular sonic mapping device and expanded upon it himself to envelop the whole city. The one who comes to Fox with a plan for the gadgets Fox has created. In DKR his plan after punching Bane and losing? Punch moar!

    • It seems like you're being a bit overcritical here. Just because this take on Batman is a little different than what has been done in the past doesn't make it bad. I thought the movie was great. Maybe not quite as good as the last one, but pretty close. Batman does learn that the mask is Bane's weakness while in the prison and he uses that in their next fight … now granted, it seems kind of obvious to me that you'd attack the mask. Batman is sometimes portrayed as a leader, especially in Justice League related matters. Him rallying the cops and recruiting Catwoman to help win the day seems in character to me. It's not something he would normally do, but extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary actions. He's not just a detective. You could view it as part of the character study for Bruce Wayne in this movie — him expanding his horizons and becoming a direct leader to save his city … and also realizing that he shouldn't give up on his dream of not being Batman and being happy.

  6. Having a German dad, I have learned that, when it is late at night and the party starts to get quiet, with only a few hardy souls still around, and the Germans bring out the unlabelled bottle of clear fluid and the very tiny glasses, it is time to leave.

  7. A friend of a friend Back East makes shine for a living and she brought some to a little shin dig we attended about 18 months ago. Some of the best sipping liquor for the price. It all comes down to finding a reliable source and people you trust with homemade liquor. Or making it yourself and doing it properly.

  8. My cousin and her husband started up some brewing in Austin. I'm not clear on what was mission statement and what they actually *did* but they also started an organization around helping others homebrew, and ran monthly beer gardens for charities. Now that they've moved up to my neck of the woods in Oregon I look forward to sampling their wares.

  9. that recipe sounds oddly similiar to "THE BREW"

    when a person leaves my uncle's bar, any alcohol they didn't drink gets mixed into a giant keg, then stirred up

    then at the end of the night, whoever manages to drink the most pints of it without throwing up get's free drinks for one whole night

    i've done horrible horrible things to my liver in order to win that competition

  10. Back in a job that I worked in grad school, my boss went each summer to visit family in France. One summer, he brought back a few jars of his uncle's "plum moonshine." I had just enough to wet my lips. It was as if someone had steeped prunes in butane.

  11. My parents kept a jar of maraschino cherries in moonshine in the fridge. Didn't take my little brother more than one of them to realize they were really bad news…

  12. Back in a job that I worked in grad school, my boss went each summer to visit family in France. One summer, he brought back a few jars of his uncle's "plum moonshine."The one who comes to Fox with a plan for the gadgets Fox has created. In DKR his plan after punching Bane and losing? Punch moar!

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