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My store has some new signed prints and signed posters you should entirely check out. Signed books as well!

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And, if you haven’t seen my wife’s Quidditch necklaces, you probably should fix that problem right now.

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Austin, TX Fancy Bastards: I AM COMING FOR YOU! TWICE! You’ll hear more about these events from me in the coming days and weeks, but this is your fair warning that I will be at Wizard World Austin at the Dragon’s Lair Booth (along with Cyanide & Happiness) Nov. 22-24, AND the next month I’ll be returning to Austin for the biggest, baddest, best ever WEBCOMIC RAMPAGE! This year we’ll be in a new facility with longer hours, more panels, a preshow mixer, and a ton of new guests. If you are anywhere in TX, (or guhhhh… Oklahoma) it is so worth the trip.

So this flashback is (essentially, basically, almost entirely) over. So far we’ve seen the events that led Joel to become an artist and the event that led him to start trying to make it as an artist full time (SPOILERS: It works out pretty OK), but nothing in between. We’ll get to the meat and cheese of this (as of yet) all bread personal triumph sandwich eventually. Now it’s time to get back to the present. I haven’t drawn Josh or Eli in a good while.

COMMENTERS: If you have kids or even younger siblings, did you rush to fix/change something about yourself before that new person arrived? 

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Right in the feels.
remember when this comic was funny?

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Makoto · 83 weeks ago

Like.. today? Especially with the alt text. Feels and funny, all in one.
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Mason · 83 weeks ago

Dammit, I’ve been reading this comic for like a year and never realized there was alt text. There goes the rest of day.
It only goes back to late 2009 or early 2010. I might go back and add it to all of the previous comics though.
Blocking you for being an asshole and contributing to the decline of politeness and common decency in online discourse, but leaving this comment here so people can see that typical “YouTube comment” douchebaggery is a zero tolerance offense.
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Audrey Matthews · 83 weeks ago

THIS. 100% THIS. You are my internet hero, Joel.
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lou · 83 weeks ago

Sock it to ‘im, Joel! This is Hijinks Ensue, we have character here!
Occasionally the characters need restraining orders or bacon detox, but we have it.
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Protective Sibling · 83 weeks ago

I got my mother out of an abusive marriage to save my baby sister, I was around 14-15 at the time. Didn’t really care about saving myself by that point, but my sister had her whole life ahead of her, I wanted to make sure she’d never go through what I did.

I suppose I did a brave thing, but I didn’t save us, my sister did. I never would have spoken out if I hadn’t had someone to save.

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Good on you. I paid for my mom’s divorce since that was her last excuse for not leaving my drug addict father.
HOLY CRAP. Didn’t notice the color started seeping back in. I’m like a lobster getting cooked by art and not even noticing until I’m engulfed in a rainbow of boiling colors.
Hey, at least the first kid has gills.
When I was a kid I used to clean my bedroom before my Grandmother came to visit.
Does that count? 😉
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Paul1963 · 83 weeks ago

Holy crap, Joel, you have the best wife in the world. That last panel is really moving.

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Thanks! She’s pretty much been that way the entire time. She never once really told me, “Maybe this won’t work,” or “maybe you should go get a job.” All she’s ever really said after I told her a crazy plan was more akin to “OK, what do you need from me?” She’s amazing.
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Conrado · 83 weeks ago

Damn you Joel!! Right in the feels!! And I’m at the office, and they are not supposed to know I’m human!!! I will not cry!! I will not cry!!
On a serious note: I can really connect with this. My two children have made me do things I never thought were possible for me… And I’m a better person for it, and for them…I know the feeling…
Damn feels!! Go’way!!! Not till 6pm!!!
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lou · 83 weeks ago

NNNNgg, so many feels! Must…not…cry…
OK Joel, you have the best wife EVAR!!! She’s got your back 24/7!

I cannot say I willingly changed any of my habits or aspects of my personality for anyone. If anything, the birth of my brother when I was 3 brought out something new. Then again, I cannot remember most of my early childhood anyway.

Oh! Wait! I just remembered, my mom finally quit smoking when I was in high school.

And we eagerly await the Robot Monkeys with Laser-guided Banana Cannons.

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n00less cluebie · 83 weeks ago


HE + Robot Monkeys with Laser-guided Banana Cannons = Shiny Goodness
Get on it.

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Kaidah · 83 weeks ago

Finding out my (now ex-) wife was pregnant was the main reason I ended up switching to the job I have now. Finding out she was pregnant again prompted me to move to another, better company in the same field. It’s amazing how something as small as a baby can have such a large effect on your ability to get your shit together.
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