Can’t Stop The CoCo Choochoo

[sorry for the lack of color, but my flight leaves early in the morning and I have a bunch of pre-Chicago errands to run today ~ Joel]


C2E2 is THIS WEEKEND!!! April 16-18

Commenters: Where/how could Conan do his show with less exposure?

This will be the last regular HE comic this week due to my impending nuptials with Chicago. Though I do have some stellar guest comics lined up for Thursday and Friday. If you are going to be in Chicago, come to C2E2 and say hi and maybe pick up a book or a shirt or whatever. We can keep it casual.
[more info about C2E2 IN THIS BLOG POST]

If you enjoy HE and and would like to show your support for the comic or The Experiment, please consider getting a book or shirt in the store or making a donation.

Don’t Forget! [Edward shirts now at Topatoco!]

Battlestar Galactica/UN "So Say We All" T-Shirt

Check out this new Battlestar Galactica/United Nations So Say We All” T-Shirt I made for Olmos Productions, Inc.

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  1. Less exposure? Why don't you ask him yourself? He'll be at C2E2 this weekend, telling jokes at Table 6.

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