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Toronto Fan Expo is very soon! Are you coming? I’ll be there with Blind Ferret. The week after that I’ll be at Dallas Animefest with Rob from Explosm.

The Fancy Sketch Drive Sketches are just about sold out. I suspect I’ll be ending the drive this week. Every Fancy Sketch and donation in the month of August goes toward helping me buy a new air conditioner for my home to replace the exploded one which is too exploded.

The HE Podcast is coming back! More info HERE. First new episode drops tomorrow!

I posted a tweet on Sunday night that sums up what loving Breaking Bad has done to me:

@hijinksensue So should I send the medical bill for this ulcer to AMC or directly to Vince Gilligan? #BreakingBad

Of course it would be silly to send it directly to Mr. Gilligan. I’m sure he has people for that. Hell, they probably have a whole department devoted to helping fans find treatment for ulcers, nervous disorders, panic attacks, stress induced spontaneously bleeding eyeballs, hyper-wafflefication, Mrs. Butterworth’s Syndrome… the list goes on.

Walter White is perhaps the most fascinating character ever created for the small screen. I could (and DO) talk for hours about the subtlety and complexity with which he has transformed over 5 seasons from a loser (and a bit of an asshole) who wanted to be a bad guy, to a monster (who wants to be an even bigger monster) who fancies himself a good guy. Every time I meet or speak to someone who works as a writer, either for books, tv or film, the conversation ALWAYS ends up squarely at Breaking Bad. It’s a show that’s had 1000 opportunities to jump the shark and it’s never even come close. It has consistently escalated in quality from the pilot to this week’s episode. And thankfully it is ending this season, which almos definitely means it will go out on a high note. If the comic above is correct, the final episode will end with Walter Jr. will fly off into the sunset in his golden brown Wafflecopter and saying, “I thought we were going to Coldstone Creamery.”

COMMENTERS: I’m posting my theory and thoughts for the end of the show in a SPOILER FILLED thread on the Fancy Bastard Facebook Group. Feel free to post non-spoilery Breaking Bad thoughts or musings on Walt. Jr.’s cereal preferences in the comments below.

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    • Possible other reason:

      I didn't get this, but not because of the Usual Suspects. I got that thing. I just didn't have a clue what else it was referring to.

      From reading the newspost, I know it has something to do with Breaking Bad, which I am unfamiliar with.

      Thus, I have gathered that there is a character in Breaking Bad, who has pulled off a sheer awesome nat 20 bluff check similar to Sose in The Usual Suspects, but I still wouldn't say I 'get it.'

      • I think the guy in the hat might be called Walter. But I'm largely inferring that from the other comments.

        I'm sure this is hilariious of you live in the US and watch that TV program though 🙂

    • nono i get the usual suspect reference i and i know it's referencing breaking bad but as i've never seen that show i don't understand why this is funny

      • "i know it's referencing breaking bad but as i've never seen that show"

        That right there is a good enough reason not to comment.

  1. I too am enthralled at the transformation of Walter White. I just watched episode 4 of Season 5 and found myself screaming at the TV as the train was about the pull out, "Walter, you are fucking ass! You suck! I hate you Walter! I…hate…you!" And then I checked to be sure that next week's episode is set to record. God damn it.

  2. I'd say this is just complicated enough. 🙂
    Walter White is the only character on television that truly scares the pants off of me. From the start he has been utterly and completely unpredictable, which is such a rarity for any character. Usually after watching someone for a while, an audience will start to understand his or her patterns and thought processes, and can sort of guess what the general character response will be in any given situation. I can't recognize that at all in Walter. Gives me chills.

    • Personally, I say that that's the Bryan Cranston influence. The guy is just amazing. That and he spent so long being a lovable doof that no one sees the monster coming, at least not quite so readily.

  3. I'm still trying to finish up season 4 and have been fascinated by Walter White's evolution as well. He was a really sympathetic character in the first season or two but I've begun to find myself intensely disliking the man (not the character – what a fascinating character.) I think Jesse really began to take the place of the viewer's entry into the Breaking Bad universe.

  4. This is especially pleasing to me since I just watched "The Usual Suspects" again this past weekend. Can't go wrong with a classic.

  5. Hi, could you put your Breaking Bad chatter on tumblr too? Or make the facebook post (or whatever) visible to non facebookers?

  6. I admit it, I have a problem. I only just started watching this show maybe 3 weeks ago, and finished Season 4 a couple of days ago (and frankly, I probably could have watched the whole thing in a long weekend, if it wasn't for that whole having-to-go-to-work and sleep and spend-time-with-my-family thing). It's amazing how much you can love a show, and I intensely love this show, and yet still hate Walter White with a burning passion! I have yelled at my TV more times while watching this series than during anything else ever! But it's brilliant! I don't think it can be understated how awesome the writing is for this show! As I watched the final moments of Season 4, I was so angry and shocked, but also really pleased with how well the whole thing fit together. They don't baby their audience, they expect you to keep up and pick up the hints as they're presented, and I love every minute of it! Starting Season 5 tonight, so don't spoil it for me! 😀

  7. Damn your eyes Joel. Because I signed into Facebook to read your “Breaking Bad” musings a woman who’s kinda been cyber-stalking me found me online.

    Now I have to have coffee with her and listen to how “We’d be great together if only I’d admit it”.

      • @lordphulish

        I KNOW he's not at fault, but dammit I feel like I gotta blame someone, and I'm already mad at myself enough for being a pushover who can't say no even to a psycho-hosebeast stalker.

  8. Jesse: What?
    Mike: Keys, scumbag. It's the universal symbol for keys.
    Jesse: What?
    Mike: Hand me the keys, you fucking cocksucker.

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