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There’s also a NEW FIGHTING TIME LORDS SHIRTA good preorder means I will get to take these new shirts to cons!

Toronto Fan Expo is very soon! Are you coming? I’ll be there with Blind Ferret and we will hopefully have the two new shirts pictures above for their convention debuts!

There are still a few Fancy Sketch Drive Sketches left. Every Fancy Sketch and donation in the month of August goes toward helping me buy a new air conditioner for my home (for $5400) because the current one is (let me make sure I get the technical term right… what did the repairman say?) far too exploded to function. I posted a couple of new Fancy Sketches HERE and HERE.

The HE Podcast is coming back! More info HERE. It’s not the exact same show that it used to be, but I’m really enjoying the direction the recordings are going in and I think you will too. I’d love to keep it going long term this time and DONATION SUBSCRIPTIONS are key to making that happen.

Lo-FiJiNKS Comics are coming back too! Frumph has successfully implemented his fantastic Comic Easel comic management system on the site, so now I have the ability to post two different comics in their own sections of the site. We are still working out the kinks but for now, you can see the most recent Lo-Fi comic HERE and a list of all the Lo-Fi’s HERE.

If you are starting your own comic or are frustrated that the ComicPress theme has been out of active development for years, I STRONGLY suggest you check out Comic Easel. Frumph is basically taking all of the gripes from ComicPress users and building a new system that address all of them. It’s really great.

COMMENTERS: Why happened between Boxcar Pete and the raccoon to instigate a potential shovel beheading? Once when I was little, I was at my grandma’s house and her neighbor found a big ass snake on his porch. He yelled and we ran over to see what was going on. He grabbed a shovel and chopped the snake’s head off and A LIVE MOUSE SCURRIED OUT OF THE NECK HOLE! I have NEVER been the same since seeing that. Have you ever been blown away by just how disgusting/awesome/actually really just disgusting nature is? Care to share?


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  1. I check out all your comics on my google reader because I'm too lazy to type a URL, even for funnies. That being said, to get the lo-fi comics do you know if I'll have to add another feed to the reader or will they pop up on the same feed? Thanks!

  2. I'm an archaeologist, so I'm very familiar with what nature can do to things like, oh, say, human remains. A colleague of mine received a shipment of human remains from a Napoleonic-era naval cemetery (she was planning to do an isotopic study on them). Many of the remains were disarticulated skeletons (i.e., not connected by any remaining flesh), but there were about 20-25 that were still partially articulated. These were packaged in something like those clear-plastic vacuum-seal bags you might use to pack your luggage. She received the remains of over 200 individuals, each packed into a box or a bag inside a box, and so between her, one other person, and myself, it took us a very long time to move them from a truck into her workspace. On my tenth or eleventh trip up and down several flights of stairs, I was carrying one of the boxes with partially articulated remains in it and accidentally dropped it, so that it fell open and the vacuum-seal bag fell out onto my feet.* This was the ribcage area of a human that had been shallowly buried in the extremely damp climate of England's South Coast for over 200 years. I won't say any more than that, but even as a seasoned excavator, it was really, really disgusting.

    *The disclaimer is that as archaeologists we are almost always incredibly respectful of the dead and human remains; this was just a tired mistake, not carelessness! The remains were studied and then reburied.

  3. Wow. My imagination is doing a great job picturing the grossness of that story…

    I have something similar. I worked for about a year at the Centre of Forensic Sciences in Toronto, basically the place where the police and hospitals send all the evidence in any kind of suspicious death. I worked reception, so I didn't deal with the remains, etc, but the receiving lab was only about 8 feet from my desk and the smells that came from that room! Occasionally a hospital would send us stomach contents that wasn't packaged as well as it should be, and I don't think I will ever be able to forget that smell of pickles and sour milk! Still can't eat pickles…

  4. Boxcar Pete is just keeping the raccoon zombie population under control.

    Joel, I think you're doing a really good job of bringing out the individual voices of the characters. Joel, Josh, and Eli all feel very distinct again and are, of course, very funny.

  5. i once saw a pelican shit out a half digested fish

    that wouldn't have grossed me out so bad if it hadn't happened on my car's windshield right as i parked it at the beach

    ironically i almost crapped my pants out of surprise

  6. At least you are aware that snakes are supposed to eat mice…

    In high school biology, during our frog dissection, my teacher became very excited about how firm and distended our frog’s stomach was–“It feels like there’s something in there”–and so she began working with us on opening the stomach (not a usual step for high-school frog dissection). She put in a pair of forceps and pulled out an easily-recognizable… frog leg!

    I was bothered for quite a while over the discovery that frogs can apparently be cannibalistic.

  7. A long time ago, in a distant galaxy, I spent an entire afternoon watching a frog trying to come out from the mouth of a snake. The poor bastard was dumb from the poison, but every now an then gathered enough strength for a little jump that pulled it a bit closer to freedom. But it was already doomed, after a few hours it was resting in there and I was running away because, you know, freaking poisonous snake right in front of me!

  8. A couple of weeks ago, I helped a friend help one of his college professors clean up a house of his up in Sunol, CA, and the yard had bugs hiding everywhere, like termites, centipedes, I think a scorpion, and a hell of a lot fleas, that consequently bit my legs. I found the way to kill them is the "grab-and-twist" method. Do it close enough to your ear, and you can hear them scream! Ha! That'll teach 'em to try to drink MY blood for sustainance!

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