Black As Pitch Meeting

In all fairness to Fox, their proposed space western sounds more like a Jonah Hex ripoff than a Firefly/Serenity wannabe. Credit where credit is due, I suppose.hijinks-ensue-godspeed-you-fancy-bastard-book-300x300

I love writing for the Evil Fox Exec. Despite appearing only a handful of times, I have his entire back story fleshed out in my head. He’s a troubled man that wrestles with the moral implications of his many unfathomable sins, while simultaneously reveling in his god-like powers. He wasn’t born this way. He was made into a monster. He’s a walking study in nature vs. nurture. He started at Fox in a lowly, but creative position. The highers ups noticed his go-getter attitude and began molding him to their sinister will. With each promotion came more money, more power and more dubious job duties. At first he was only asked to cancel shows that had already had several seasons, good promotion and still suffered from low ratings. He thought of it as mercy killing. Then he was told to create shows that would garner a small but devoted fanbase JUST so they could be canceled and replaced with reality-dance contests. Fox’s hate-engine is fueled by sadness and he was loading it’s doom-furnace one shovel full at a time.

OK, he’s basically Lindsey McDonald to Fox‘s Wolfram and Hart, but I still enjoy the tiny, evil space in my head the EFE occupies. Expect to see more of him in the future.

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  1. While I'm cautiously optimistic about a new sci-fi show on FOX, this would mean something else may get shitcanned to fit in the schedule [pleasebearealityshowpleasebearealityshowpleasebearealityshow…].

  2. I do enjoy comics with the fox exec. he should get his own tag. I wonder how long this new show will last. unless it sucks, then it'll stick around for a while

  3. Whee! More fun with the evil, murderous FOX Executive. I wonder if he kills baby penguins too. That's like the highest level of evil there is, killing penguins. Once you pass that point… well, you're pretty much just plain doomed. Perhaps if you're lucky, you'll get off easy and just be sentenced to a limbo dimension… the purgatory kind. You're not very lucky if you're sentenced to the other kind of limbo dimension, cause seriously, who wants to listen to "Limbo Rock" for the rest of eternity?

  4. Don't know about the show but if they take the idea off in a different direction from Firefly it could be neat (with no hands on from Fox execs of course). For example, how about something like Neil Stephenson's Anathem but based in the Western genre?

    Sadly something will have to die and hopefully those kittens are reality show kittens.

  5. On the note of Jonah Hex, I personally plan on watching that as a crappy cam, projected on a wall, with the ambient sounds from a shitty, downtown theater. I want it to be as close to a B-movie experience as possible, as the movie itself looks like it's going to be complete shit.

  6. You forgot a small detail about the Evil Fox Exec, Joel, the part about him having been raped by his astronaut uncle.
    And yes, the fox exec is EXACTLY like I've pictured him.

  7. Did anybody else notice that the bag says "Execu-lunch". Like its a prepackaged meal he bought specifically made for Fox executives.

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