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Hey Rob, I’m going to turn our twitter conversation into a comic with you in it. Is that cool? It is? Thanks! You’re such a good and loyal friend.

Special thanks to @Chriurgic, @SvenTSexgore and @PatrickAT who tweeted the punchline at me at almost the exact same moment.

COMMENTERS: When/where have you gone that you were the most cut off from the news and happenings of the rest of the world? Did you feel left out when you got back?

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Spend a week on property at Disney World. Serious Bubble.
8 days on a floating oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico without ‘net access, where the guys with control of the TV room remote would only change it from truTV to Faux News, so almost all I saw was staged re-enactments of sting operations (“Southern Fried Stings”, according to Wikipedia) and Sean Hannity. It was acutely painful.
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DuckAmuck · 98 weeks ago

Any week (about 10 weeks a year, it seems) without The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.
Sure they do a recap when they’re back, but….
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bix · 98 weeks ago

A friend of mine was excavating in a cave in South Africa (we’re archaeologists) when Eyjafjallajökull erupted — he emerged from the cave, got into a car, went to the airport, and expected to be heading home to Heathrow… turns out that he got to spend a week in the Johannesburg airport.

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I applaud you for spelling out that volcano name, sir.
I don’t have to go anywhere. That happens most of the time when I’m at home
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Liam · 98 weeks ago

When I was in the Boy Scouts I was on a camping trip in New Hampshire when Paul Reubens was arrested in Florida.
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Candace · 98 weeks ago

Cruising in the Caribbean, and no, I did not miss checking email or reading the news one bit.
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jiynx · 98 weeks ago

pfft all these people all ‘omg a week without internet and i felt so out of touch with the world!’

try being crew on a ballistic missile submarine. you think a week without internet is time-shock when you reconnect? try 3-5 months without even any news headlines…

A celebrity died???

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Kid Kraddick is the only one I know of. Apparently he had massive heart disease and it gave out at a fund-raiser on Saturday.
When I was a kid I spent 6 weeks every year at a summer camp in New Mexico. No phone, radio, TV or newspapers… no electronics of any kind allowed on the campus. Although at the time I didn’t really pay any attention to the news either, so it’s not like I was being cut-off from “the outside world” so much as I was being cut off from Zelda, Transformers and Star Trek.

As an adult, yeah, I’ve been isolated a few times… When Tiff and I moved from Ft Lauderdale to Virginia, our car broke down in the small town of St Augustine, FL. We only had local news on the TV in the hotel and it took a few days to get the car fixed. It actually turned out to be pretty cool though. St Augustine is a bit of a tourist town and we did some sight-seeing, ate at a cool restaurant across the street and managed to take in a play down the block, which is something we’ve never managed to do at other times.

Every year around Labor Day weekend when I go on a motorcycle run in the high Sierras. No cell phone reception up there – and while the odd bit of news can filter back from someone who drives down the mountain to the nearest little store, it’s not much. I actually kinda dread the day one or all of the major carriers find a reason to extend cell coverage in that area.
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lou · 98 weeks ago

My family and I went on a week-long trip to Mexico and had the time of out lives, until we got back, by which time we heard Princess Diana died. Totally blew my mind.
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Debs · 97 weeks ago

I was at summer camp as a counselor for both the Bobbitt and Dahmer stories. I thought my dad was making a terrible joke when I came home to visit, and he told me about Dahmer. When the Bobbitt news reached us at camp, it was he source of great discussion and the quote that still makes me giggle.

A bunch of counselors were sitting at the ice cream shop in town pondering the Bobbitt situation when one of the boys said, “That must have been a sharp knife.” I thought to myself it must have been to finish the task before he woke up, but another counselor asked for clarification. The first responded by saying, “To cut through the bone and everything.”

Now this led to a great argument about how there was not a bone in the penis, but the ounselor (who was majoring in biology at UC Davis) remained unconvinced and won the debate when he said, “Dude, why do you think they call it a boner.” We could not argue with his logic any longer and left it alone. My only hope is he did not become a teacher or a doctor.

Now whenever I am engaged in an argument with an idiot, I think of that day and manage to walk away with a smile.

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Kryss · 97 weeks ago

To be fair, some animals do have a penile bone. But dude, HE WAS A GUY. *Facepalm* How could he possibly not know you can pretty much tie it in a knot when its not erect?! He has one himself! (one presumes).


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