A Man, A Plan, A Hobo, Bob. Oh! Anal Panama!

Alternate Title: A Man, A Plan, A Tramp Mart. Anal! Panama! 

We now resume Eli’s previously scheduled adventure in continuity. Looks like he’s out for hobo vengeance. The kind where you seek vengeance on a hobo for his or her misdeeds. Not the kind where an actual hobo steals your shoes as retribution because you “accidentally” spilled his can’o beans.

I hope you’re liking the mini story arcs so far. I think I’m still finding my footing, but I’ve been getting a lot of nice feedback at conventions and I’m really enjoying the process. It’s more fun to write when you can expand an idea past 3 lonely panels.

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    • Vagrant Hammer is my MC Hammer cover band that does parody versions of all his singles, changing the subject matter to his bankruptcy.

  1. "What did that crazy hobo do to my body?"
    "you say that so often, I feel like we should just work out a hand gesture or something."

    Brilliant! Loving the continuity comics.

    One small question though: Is Eli ever going to wear his Team Edward (James Olmos) T-shirt again? I loved that one.

    • In before Joel can suggest that you buy one yourself, and then you can wear it all the time. That's what I would do. If I wasn't broke. And lame. Not "uncool" lame, I'm awesome. I meant "Oh noes! My leg's done broked and they're a-gonna hafta put me down!" This shall be my last post before my mercy killing.

    • I doubt I will ever put him in the shirt again, since the shirt itself was the punchline to a comic (which first appeared 3 years ago). The shirt itself is a real thing now, so portraying him wearing the shirt would just seem like a sneaky ad.

      • Yeah, I've seen Jeph Jacques do that, and it does kind of feel like a sneaky ad. But at the same time, if the shirt is good, and it works as a subtle reference in the comic, then advertise away, I say!

  2. Reminds of a forensics lecture I attended once about gun shot wounds – long story short, don't try to rob the one hobo with a sawed-off shotgun, kids. It doesn't end well for you.

    Yes, this was before Rutger Hauer's Hobo With A Shotgun came out…

    • I make it a practice not to rob hobos in the first place. It's a pretty low-profit exercise. Like mugging winos, or corrupting the ethics of a politician.

  3. I've been following this comic for a couple of years. The title of this comic made me create an account just to comment. I've love the comic, but thank you so much for exposing me to a new palindrome.

  4. In college, some friends of mine had a cricket bat hanging by their door that was labeled the "crack head wrangling stick." It was legitimately used to wrangle crack heads on at least one occasion.

    • First house I ever bought, previous owner left an old wooden baseball bat with an electrical tape wrapped grip. I've kept it through 3 moves, pretty sure it's seen some action and never know when it might come in handy…

  5. I just went back to the previous strip in this arc, which revealed Boxcar Pete, and I looked into his eyes and heard the Joker laughing! OHMUGODWHY???!!! Why won't he stop?!

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