Book 2 Shipping Update


The pallet of over 1000 books arrived at my house on 3/3/11. Immediately I left for Seattle, got home and left again for Chicago. Shipping books is my #1 priority now that C2E2 is over and I don’t have another con for about a month.

HijiNKS ENSUE Book 2 Shipping OutAll Non-Artist Regular Editions have been shipped. Regular Artist editions are shipping now as I sketch them (usually in bundles of 10 or so). Non-Artist-UFE’s will all be leaving within 1 week of this post. There was a hold up on one of the stickers, but now all the goodies are in and can head out to you. UFE Artist Editions will also be leaving as I sketch them. This may take a little while because I refuse to do the “30 second sketch” you get from a lot of cartoonists. I will take the time to make your sketch special, so please be patient and bear with me. Thanks!

If you order the book (regular or artist edition) now, it will ship based on the rules outlined above.

Check the links below to see some of the Artist Edition Sketches I have already shipped out.

UPDATE 4/7: All Non-Artist Edition UFE’s have shipped.

UPDATE 4/11: All Regular Artist-Editions (save for a few special cases) have shipped.

UPDATE 7/1/11: All Preorders, UFE’s, etc have been shipped!!!

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  1. Those are some great additions (or is it editions?). It's so cool than an author would go to such trouble for his fans. Another reason HE is my favorite comic.

  2. Right on… the preorder was a while back, I don't even remember which one I ordered, but it sounds like they are still shipping… Thanks for the update Joel, I can't wait to check out my copy.

  3. I love the fact that I will be getting Teen Titans so close to each other, and I can't wait for the next installment of Green Lantern. I love the Star Sapphire story with Acuna's art and the back up is excellent.

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