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I’ve added a Twitter link to the sidebar. Follow my tweets if you like. I am hoping to use this to relay comic progress updates, and sneak peaks to regular readers. Mostly it will be me complaining about procrastinating.

If you are reading this on Livejournal, I have some badish news. The WordPress plugin that I use to cross post to LJ (LJXP) doesn’t work well with the newest version of WordPress. As you may have noticed, it double posts all the time and I have to go in and manually delete the extras. It’s very frustrating and is ruining the LJ experience for me.

I really value everyone that discovered this site on LJ and all the great comments I get. I do not want to lose that. Until I figure out a better solution, please befriend the LJ Syndication Feed and comment HERE on the site (not the LJ feed, since I won’t be notified).  You can also add the plain old RSS feed to your feed reader of choice.

Don’t remove HijinksComic from your LJ friends, since I am going to try and find a better solution. LJ Readers, feel free to comment on this post on Livejournal and share any thoughts.

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  1. 1) Did HE originally start on LJ?
    2) Why do you cross post?
    3) Is there a plugin for LJ that would allow it to pull and repost a feed from another site (rather than a WP plugin that cross posts)? I know there’s a plugin for WP that will syndicate other feeds, but I don’t know if that’s possible with LJ.

    • 1) Sort of. It was the first place I reached out to in terms of finding an audience.
      2) I did so the LJ people could enjoy the comic without having to work too hard.
      3) LJ doesnt have plugins. Its a closed platform.

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