Email Subscriptions and Other Goodness

If you don’t use a feed reader, or if you prefer daily updates, you can now subscribe to HijiNKS Ensue by email. Every morning, you’ll receive an email with all of the HijiNKS Ensue comics, posts and podcasts from the previous day. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Click the orange icon to go to the sign up page. I’ll be adding a sidebar widget later today with a link to the sign up page as well.

On to the aforementioned “Other Goodness”

Youtubes, Facebooks and Flickrs, Oh My!

I wanted to point out a few new developments for HijiNKS Ensue that some of you Fancy Bastards might enjoy.

Finnish FB, Jarmo, started an HE Facebook Group.


I’ve finally started uploading reader pics to Flickr.


I also posted some pics from one of our first HE Podcasts. Probably episode 4 or 5.


I’ll keep updating these as I get new pics, so send yours to comics(at)hijinksensue(dot)com.

I also wanted to remind you that if you use Twitter, you can follow me here.


And you can check out my video blogs, where I chronicle my attempts to make a living from this comic, here.


Lastly, looks like I’ll be working with FB Bill to set up a Fancy Bastard Forum. More on that as it develops.

Tweet Tweet and Links

Just wanted to remind every one that I am on Twitter now. FOLLOW ME! I’ve been posting “in progress” comic updates, sneak peeks, and other such nuggets of relative interest.

(click for my Twitter page)

Have some links. They make you big and strong:

Twitter and Livejournal

I’ve added a Twitter link to the sidebar. Follow my tweets if you like. I am hoping to use this to relay comic progress updates, and sneak peaks to regular readers. Mostly it will be me complaining about procrastinating.

If you are reading this on Livejournal, I have some badish news. The WordPress plugin that I use to cross post to LJ (LJXP) doesn’t work well with the newest version of WordPress. As you may have noticed, it double posts all the time and I have to go in and manually delete the extras. It’s very frustrating and is ruining the LJ experience for me.

I really value everyone that discovered this site on LJ and all the great comments I get. I do not want to lose that. Until I figure out a better solution, please befriend the LJ Syndication Feed and comment HERE on the site (not the LJ feed, since I won’t be notified).  You can also add the plain old RSS feed to your feed reader of choice.

Don’t remove HijinksComic from your LJ friends, since I am going to try and find a better solution. LJ Readers, feel free to comment on this post on Livejournal and share any thoughts.