Cheating at Guitar Hero 3: The Lefty Flip


Josh and I had lunch at Chik-Fil-A this afternoon, then we went back to his place so I could work on Monday’s comic and he could play Guitar Hero 3. He told me he was glad I would get to see his “special technique.” I assumed nudity would be involved but it was much worse.

In order to complete a challenge where one must play the entire game left handed josh had rigged this elaborate series of mirrors, lenses, and other optics to bend light itself to his will. It was like a Tomb Raider Puzzle. I was surprised he didn’t have to push large blocks around a cavern or flip a series of wall switches.

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  1. Yeah, well, or you could just be me and be naturally a left handed guitar player because I kick ass. ^^ I’m not a dirty shithead cheater. Really, though the mirror is genius, but makes perfect sense! It’s cheap and it works! It’s not like you have to buy $100 worth of stuff.

    Although, the left handed guitar slinging friend can cost a lot more than that. 😛

  2. Guh… I hated trying to play GH in my natural left-handed instinctual way or the “proper” right-handed way. Props to Josh for being able to pull it over – dirty shithead cheater or not.

  3. @ david

    the mirror was my 4th solution, laying on the couch upside down was the 3rd. I quit that after 1 song because it made me dizzy 🙁

    (fyi, the first two were actually playing lefty, which lasted about 2 songs, and then playing rightly with lefty turned on, trying to flip the notes in my head, which lasted only 1 song)

  4. @Dean
    I totally threw that together at the last minute. Thanks iMovie!

    I bet that mirror was over $100 but thats besides the point. He could have just shined up his shield. Medusa reference? Anyone?

    Shithead status not withstanding, he’s some sort of GH savant.

    I think it started out like that but the mirror method was somehow cooler.

    Thats the joke! Right? Games are just supposed to be really hard and no fun. Right?

    Agreed! “Teeth Play” would have been much better.

  5. Something’s unlocked by playing all the songs lefthanded? If so, good news- I’m a lefty guitar player.
    (I was playing with many other people today and it caused a lot of chaos because we all had to keep switching.)

  6. @LA

    I know what you mean with playing with your friends and have to keep going into the options to change things around. I was at Blueshit (a place that has counsole gaming, etc) and it was by the hour… switching took a good 15 minutes out of the play time. Damn. It’s a pain in the ass, really. And then I feel bad.

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