11 – Wolfgang Van Halen Is A Fancy Boy

11 - Wolfgang Van Halen Is A Fancy Boy

Despite a mountain of technical problems, Dave and Joel manage to crawl into The Noise Hole and emerge with tasty, face melting jams like:

  • The Fresh Prince of Gorillaz
  • Scatman Basket Case
  • Metallica dubbed in 8th grade French
  • Tuvix Bands (Bad Religion vs. Van Halen)!
  • Michael Anthony is replaced with fancy boy, Wolfgang Van Halen
  • Guns N’ Roses visits Aerosmith’s favorite restaurant
  • Dave wants to guitar-monize like Brian May
  • Roger Taylor wants to fuck your car!
  • Finally, Dave and Joel get hyped for their all new Patreon at patreon.com/noisehole!
  • $5+ Patrons get a post show to this episode!
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