10 – Three Horrible Lies About Glenn Danzig

10 - Three Horrible Lies About Glenn Danzig

Dave and Joel start this episode out LITERALLY trapped in the ACTUAL Noise Hole. It’s a harrowing experience and they’re lucky to be alive.

  • Vicious lies are told about Glenn Danzig, which he staunchly refutes
  • The Misfits weigh in on their former singer’s sullied reputation
  • Rowan Atkinson fills in for Glenn
  • Joel tells the true story of when he got kissed by a Ramone
  • The boys uncover the secrets of the Ramone Clones
  • Johnny Cash returns from the grave to cover more Nine Inch Nails songs
  • Morrissey and Danzig spar via song
  • U2 finally admit publicly what an insufferable prick Bono is.
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