07 – I Love Daddy, Daddy Eat Egg

07 - I Love Daddy, Daddy Eat Egg

Ask yourselves, Noise Bois, are you ready for:

  • Devo’s “Wammy Bar Song?”
  • “Roger’s Bum” by Pink Floyd?
  • Baby Bands featuring Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica and Nirvana
  • “Daddy Was A Rock & Roll Dude” but Bowie
  • “I Love Daddy, Daddy Eat Egg” by Nirvana
  • Joel explains how Cake sounds like Cake, but Beck sounds like four Becks
  • Dave approximates the Finnish fury of Nightwish
  • The boys also get into YouTube Guitarbois with indecipherable accents
  • How unearthed early demos should be REearthed
  • Kurt Cobain’s “Diary of Plops,”
  • 1boi riffs vs. 2boi riffs
  • Dave Grohl’s B-52’s story time
  • Finally, they explore Slipknot, Mudvayne, Mushroomhead and other rare Pokemon
  • Korn’s two biggest hits, “Twink On A Leash” and “Classic WWE Anthem.”
  • This one’s a journey for sure!
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