06 – A Cold Shit At Midnight

06 - A Cold Shit At Midnight

Prepare yourselves, Noise Bois!

  • Dave is still sick, but he’s powering through
  • KISS doing “Cold Shit”
  • Iron Maiden with “A Cold Shit At Midnight”
  • Coldplop doing… basically the same thing!
  • It’s a lot of songs about freezing cold turds
  • Dave and Joel talk iconic frontman grunts
  • The Broody Beatles
  • How Black Flag are garbage
  • All about the Rollins Band making shitty excuses
  • Joel delves into what G.G. Allin means to him
  • Both boys talk about the punk bands they were in as teens and how skanking isn’t a crime, but having too many members in your ska band is.
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