Phoenix Comicon Is This Weekend!!!

PHOENIX COMICON IS THIS WEEKEND!!! I will be there with Kel McDonald at TABLE 241. Also there will be Randy, and Danielle, and Spike, and Becky & Frank and WHEATON. It will be fun fun times. I may be around the show floor on Thursday but I probably won’t be exhibiting proper until Friday. This is a first time show for me, so please come out and make it a special one.

I WILL have “The Doctor Is In” shirts. This is the first con where I will actually have those in person. I will also have Ewok Stare shirts, books, stickers, prints and other such… suchiness.



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  1. For some reason, I'm imagining that the part of the picture we can't see has you riding a tiny tricycle. And towing a giant U-Haul trailer filled to overflowing with books and other merchandise ( and a full size replica Tardis balanced precariously on top)

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