P (and then) S

I totally forgot (until @justchristine) reminded me that Hijinks Ensue Turned 2 years old earlier this month. May 11, 2007 was the first comic.

P (another) P (and then) S

In case you missed it, the HE Podcast moved and lives HERE now. We’re back to a 90 min format, so if you were turned off by the length (TWSS) in the past, maybe you want to consider giving it another go.

P (and then) Something Else

I want to apologize for missing that last two Friday updates. Anyone that follows me on Twitter has heard about the giant commission project that was keeping me over-occupied for the last few weeks. It’s over now and things can get back to normal. I am struggling to pay the bills right now, so unfortunately the real paying gigs take precedent at the moment. Thanks for being patient. Not a single one of you Fancy Bastards gave me any grief for missing the comics or even brought it up. That’s how I know I have the best readers in the tubes.

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  1. Happy Birthday HE!

    Two years the comic's been alive and kickin' = Awesome!
    Two years, and I've only been IN the comic ONCE = Not so awesome!

    lulz, j/k – Although, after all, I am in ur podcasts, commenting on ur topics – Here's to another webtastic 2 years! Huzzah!

  2. Well done on the 2 years! I just realised that I never actually read through any of the archives – that's the next hour of my life sorted then.
    Less happy about the shorter podcasts though – does this mean you're actually going to start giving stock answers for the mail-sac, instead of long digressions that are ultimately more entertaining?

  3. Congratulations on keeping the dream alive. Let me just say that I would rather you keep your bills paid and be the same happy guy who brings us a great web comic and podcast than try to do too much and have you or the work suffer.

  4. Huh. I hadn't realized that two years ago you accurately predicted the characterizations in the new Star Trek adaption.

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