Iron Man and Cape 4

You’ll be hearing a LOT from me about Iron Man (and probably seeing a couple more comics on the subject) so I won’t bother with a long review.

Here’s a short one instead: It is the best comic book movie to date. They got EVERYTHING right. Casting was perfect. RDJ is Tony Stark. The effects were perfect. Gadget porn galore and CGI so believable you never noticed it. The balance of action to story was perfect. No drawn out origin, no side love story, no emo. They got him in the suit, he had two fights, it was over and you wanted more. Brilliant.

I’m not saying it was the best movie of all time (I am). I’m saying in leu of all turds Marvel has dropped recently (Daredevil, Punisher, Blade 3, other Punisher, Elektra, FF1, FF2, Hulk, etc, etc) Iron Man just got it right. And get this… I NEVER liked Iron Man in the comics. I left that movie with a thirst for more of the source material. That is what a great comic book movie should do: serve the die hard fans, while equally bringing new ones to the franchise. Well done, John Favreua, Robery Downey Jr., Marvel, et al.

Here’s an even shorter review from Josh:

Iron Man Fucking Rocked




Josh, Denise and I went out to CAPE 4, the free annual comic con put on by Zeus Comics in Dallas.  Lots of readers suggested I exhibit at CAPE this year because it’s free, low key and probably a fantastic starter Con. I agreed but by the time I looked into it, they were booked up. Maybe next year.

It was a very small Con, but cool none the less. It coincides with “Free Comic Book Day” each year and they hold it outside in a park in Dallas. It was a gorgeous day, there were comics, and creators and nerds and such, so I really have no complaints.

I met a couple of Fancy Bastards (Chris and Michael? God I’m so bad with names Eggwards and f__k), while were there and one of them took some pictures. This was my first reader meeting in the real world. Not sure if it counts since they were friends of Josh, but it was cool all the same.  Josh wins the day for wearing the most meta shirt.

Also, this happened: 


Which completely made my day.

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  1. Ahh god! I want to see this so bad! Stupid pregnant wife – stupid baby – stupid nursery and guest room that must be finished before all hell breaks loose!

    Of course I don't really mean any of that. But dammit, I really want to see this fucking movie!

  2. I saw Ironman on friday, and it was the besy comic book movie to date, but concerning you coment on the cgi, the flames were not the best. It may just be because I know too much about cg and how you create it, but I didn't find them believable.
    Everything else cg wise was fantastic.
    And the dvd will definetly have a whole lot of deleted scenes, because it's clear they cut alot of stuff out.

  3. Your review is pretty much word-for-word (except minus the girly giggles) what my roomates and I said about it. The only thing more I could ask from that movie would be Nick Fury's monologue including "Iron Man" and any alteration of "motherfucker" in close proximity to one another.

  4. Golly, sounds like Iron Man, is the Stars Wars, for this generation? -Yeah I said it! -Just crawl right back out'ta my ass about it right now. I should say that having Zero intentions to go see this movie, that I will now go and see this movie. And, per Eddie above, your review is pretty much what I've heard. My friend Chuck actually gave a couple of hops as he described it. And Chuck is not a hopping man.

  5. again, I must ask what everyone is thinking: How is Josh so good at a video game that requires fingular dexterity with those….things?

    Is there some sort of secret zen short finger technique I'm not aware of? Is that the little oomph I've been missing to make me a true Guitar Hero?

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