I’m on the Facebook! What does that mean?!

I guess I’m on Facebook now. It’s one aspect of the internet that I really don’t grasp. I know why I don’t understand Myspace. It’s an assault on the senses and an affront to all logical thinking. Everyone raves about Facebook and it’s series of Apes (I know it’s Apps but can you imagine? Apes? On Facebook? That would be crazy).

Anywho, friend me up here and maybe we’ll have some online together.

Speaking of being social. Would anyone be interested in an HE forum? Just a thought.

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  1. So you can be my friend online AND in real life?? Rad!

    The apps are annoying but i subscribed to the Books one. Because I like to show off my book-learnin’.

    Why am I on so many networking sites??? *cries

  2. I'm on there for my friend in real life (and some online, but few) to connect. It's hard because most of them are all at different colleges and universities. ^^' So, that's about all Facebook is good for. 😛

  3. The first time I can remember feeling like an old man who’s behind the times was when I was talking to some people who were still in college (less than a year after I graduated), and they were all talking about Facebook, and I had no clue what it was. Somehow it exploded in the year since I graduated (which was May 2004) and I missed it. I’m still not on Facebook.

    Those damn kids and their crazy facebooks. When I was a kid our facebooks were printed on paper, once a year, and the only way for people to leave comments on them was to write “I was the first to sign your crack” on the blank pages in the back. That’s after walking five miles uphill in the snow, barefoot of course.

  4. @Denise
    Sorry, you can only have one. Online or real life. Make your choice.

    Im still not “using” it so much as “allowing it to exist.”
    Not sure where to go from here.

    I think the reason you didnt know about about was back then it was college-exclusive. You had to have an active .edu email to get it. Not sure when that changed but it was pretty recent.

  5. Dear god. I hate people in meat-space enough. Why would I want to meet more in cyber-space? Er…present company excluded, of course. Facebook is at least better than Myspace, which looks like it was designed in 1996 and redesigned later in 1996. It makes sense, as the folks who own myspace (Newscorp) only make a few billion dollars a year off it. If they could only break a profit they might be able to hire someone who’s seen the web since 1999. But, c’mon, what can you do with a paltry billion dollars of profit? Web-designers cost at least three times that!

  6. I realized I may be laboring under a misapprehension. To clarify, if you are referring to the facebook that police give to witnesses to ID criminals, and not the social networking phenomenon, then I AM on facebook. Shit. Rape one horse, and you’re in that damn book for life.

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