Youtubes, Facebooks and Flickrs, Oh My!

I wanted to point out a few new developments for HijiNKS Ensue that some of you Fancy Bastards might enjoy.

Finnish FB, Jarmo, started an HE Facebook Group.


I’ve finally started uploading reader pics to Flickr.


I also posted some pics from one of our first HE Podcasts. Probably episode 4 or 5.


I’ll keep updating these as I get new pics, so send yours to comics(at)hijinksensue(dot)com.

I also wanted to remind you that if you use Twitter, you can follow me here.


And you can check out my video blogs, where I chronicle my attempts to make a living from this comic, here.


Lastly, looks like I’ll be working with FB Bill to set up a Fancy Bastard Forum. More on that as it develops.

I’m on the Facebook! What does that mean?!

I guess I’m on Facebook now. It’s one aspect of the internet that I really don’t grasp. I know why I don’t understand Myspace. It’s an assault on the senses and an affront to all logical thinking. Everyone raves about Facebook and it’s series of Apes (I know it’s Apps but can you imagine? Apes? On Facebook? That would be crazy).

Anywho, friend me up here and maybe we’ll have some online together.

Speaking of being social. Would anyone be interested in an HE forum? Just a thought.