I drove someone to attempted murder

From the Giz: Teen Strangles Father with Gamepad Cable

One can only assume the murder weapon was a Wiimote + Nunchuck combo. As soon as I read that I thought of this comic:


Then everyone had the same thought. A commenter on Gizmodo linked to the aforementioned comic (Hi, Giz readers. Thanks for checking out the comic!), thenĀ  Josh IM’ed me to make sure I knew my part in the almost-slaying.

I guess if this becomes a trend we can assume that Rock Band and all its wires are inherently more dangerous than Guitar Hero III.

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  1. Wow. I’ve gotten pretty upset when I’ve had someone “accidentally” unplug my game or my controller, but I’ve never taken it that far.

    And that’s why I always suggest to save your game as frequently as possible. Parents should teach it to their children. Maybe if that boy’s parents had told him “A save thrice a level keeps your game from the Devil,” he wouldn’t have tried to strangle his father.

  2. I didn’t even have to click the link. As soon as I saw the panel, I knew what it was about.

    This goes to show that all games need to allow you to save whenever the hell you want, not at arbitrary save points and such. So the blame for this is squarely on the game makers. Well, 99% of the blame. The kid gets 1% of the blame. Wait, no, that’s wrong.

    90% – Game Makers
    9% – Kid’s Dad
    1% – The kid

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