HijiNKS ENSUE At Emerald City Comicon 2013!!!

Emerald City Comicon is THIS WEEKEND in Seattle! It is my favorite show of the year and I will be at the Blind Ferret Booth (#1106) all weekend.


I’ll have books, prints, shirts, Lil’ Wil Plushies and sketches! Check out the new mini-banner/ price sheet I made for ECCC on my Tumblr. It mentions a negotiable fee for AWKWARD STARES, but bring me some Starbucks Doubleshots and tiny bottles of booze and I’ll totally waive that fee.

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  1. Do you have any plans to attend Dragon*Con in Atlanta (over Labor Day weekend)? I wore several of my Hijinks shirts there last year, and so many people asked where they could get them (hopefully it resulted in lots of sales for you). My friends and I would love the chance to meet you in person. We can totally promise tiny bottles of booze as an incentivizer.

    • Doubtful. It almost always conflicts with another show I do, or it's at least a week before or after and I really try to never do two cons in a row. It's also a little too big for me to do on my own and Blind Ferret doesnt do that show.

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