HE on Tech Snark & Comic Update

HijiNKS Ensue was mentioned on the most recent Tech Snark Podcast. They were talking about Jesus Phone 3G and brought up “A Fistful of Joshes” around minute 20:40.


If you are looking for something to fill the void between HE Podcasts, give Tech Snark a try. It’s like the HE Podcast if it were more focused on technology and also hosted by hot girls.

Thanks to Carolyn and the crew at Pink Ninja for supporting HE.

Comic Update:
Saturday was spent planning for the party and subsequently enjoying said party with the Fancy Bastards via Ustream.TV, and I took off Sunday for Father’s day to spend some time with the family so the comic won’t be up until Monday afternoon.

You will, however, have Podcast #17 to accompany you on your Monday morning commute. I’ll have it uploaded  (probably) before midnight central.

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  1. lol. I *heart* Tara, I got to share horrible cinnamon schnapps with her at the Everquest Fan Faire a few years back ;o)

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