Broadcasting the Podcast and the Party Tonight!!!

As I mentioned, we’ll be doing our first video broadcast tonight via (

Starting around 6pm(ish) central time we’ll be broadcast the recording of HijiNKS Ensue Podcast #17. 

2008-06-14-ustream.pngPlease log in to the chat to let us know if it works (the video is good, the audio is working, etc). If this works out, and you guys like it we’ll make it a regular thing.

After the Podcast is over, we’ll be streaming the rest of the party. Basically I’m going to sit the laptop on the counter and leave it running all night. There’s a chat room with the videocast, but I can’t promise someone will be paying attention to it all night.

This time I plan to record (archive) the podcast on Ustream, but the audio version will still be available as always.

I hope to see at least a few Fancy Bastards tuning in for the show and the party.


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  1. I don't even watch Battlestar (just the pilot…I know, I know) but goddamn if Joel's Tigh doesn't make me laugh out loud on the subway. "I DID WHAT I HAD TO, BEE-ILL! I'M A CYLON!"
    And now I can't watch SciFi without thinking about "Bum Fights" when BSG commercials come on. Thanks!

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