GYFB Shirt Designs Update

This shirt design is kicking my ass but I think it’s getting stronger with each revision thanks, in no small part, to your suggestions.

After completing the Josh art I am leaning one of two directions.

Josh by himself:


Or the original layout:


Joel, Eli and the planet in the background will be light or ghosted. Probably grayscale.

I like the text much better in this split configuration. I hope to wrap this up and get it in the store in the next day or two, so get your feedback in as soon as possible.

Oh, also I’m thinking this will work best on a black shirt. Any other ideas?


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  1. Definitely a black shirt (we ARE geeks, after all) and it really needs Joel and Eli, both to tie it back into the comic and also just to strengthen the whole "godspeed" vibe you've been aiming for. A planet, even ghosted, starts to feel like overkill to me; too busy, I prefer the simplicity. It's going to have across the back, yes? In smaller text near the neckhole, like the PA shirts.

  2. I like the thought of having Josh on my chest…

    I like it where the whole cast is involved. I might sugesst that you pull the saluting hands back just a bit so we can get more of a full face look at Joel and Eli. They don't have to be facing Josh. You can do a "stage cheat", turning them to a 3/4 view towards the audience.

  3. I prefer the one with Joel and Eli in the background, without the planet. The planet makes it a little too busy. I'm also not sure about the rocket swoosh, though it does help give the illusion of movement.

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