Give me your delicious brain ideas!

We’ve talked about this 40 or 1000 times but now I’m doing it. We need QUESTIONS from THE READERS for THE HIJINKS ENSUE PODCAST.


Please post your questions in the comments of this thread. I won’t respond here. Rather, I will save them and read them during the show. Then, here’s the tricky part, we’ll answer them!

Feel free to add on to each other’s questions and such. I want to make the Podcast more interactive and get some audience participation.

What can you ask? Anything, everything, whateverthing!

If you are a regular reader/listener you know what we normally talk about. Here are some topics we have extensive knowledge on:

  • TV – Lost, Battlestar, Firely, The Buffyverse, The Office, 30 Rock, Arrested D., Star Trek, ALL 80’s and 90’s shows, any scifi or geek show…even Sliders
  • Movies – Upcomming movies, trailers, geek favs from days gone by, you name it
  • Gaming – we have two co-hosts in the gaming industry. Ask them about that.
  • Comics – I’m reading Astonishing X-Men, Buffy and Angel. Eli is reading everything else.
  • HijiNKS Ensue – Questions about the comic? Let me know.
  • Technology – Macs, Apple, Steve Jobs, Macs, iPhones, Macs… you know.. techology.
  • Life – relationships, jobs, sex, personal stuff, etc. We might not answer these, but there’s no harm in trying.

As a bonus, you may also request the manner in which the question is answered. For instance, you can request that your question be answered by Yoda addressing Frodo. Or that Eli’s grandma answer it. Or that Josh answer it in Sexy-German(tm). Ask me to answer the question in the song styling of your choice (I probably won’t do it). Get creative.

If you want to be a part of the HijiNKS Ensue Podcast, here’s a way to get started. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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  1. I want Treebeard to tell me if he thinks Jim and Pam are going to stay together.
    And Eli's Grandmother to rank the Star Trek series…es.

  2. I just read Angel: After the Fall, and I started Serenity: Better Days.

    Pretty good. But do vampires (or "vampyres") show up in photos? Or is it just in mirrors where they don't show up?

  3. What do you guys think about the Buffy having a lesbian relationship in the "Season Eight" comic books? Is Whedon making his own fan fiction now or what?

  4. I can do a passable one due to imitating my Brit mum if that helps. I'd LOVE to muck about with that. I have a few going theories with BSG myself. Caught up on S3.

  5. How about some Half-Life 2 content? The awesome storyline, the episodes, the unintentional digital crushes they've triggered with Alyx Vance…

  6. Did you tip the pizza guy? I remember one of the first ones I listened to, you had Domino's delivered during the podcast. I know this because you mentioned the stupid.. stupid boxes, and because I'm a driver for them. Stupid Boxes.

    More on topic of Sci-Fi shows, any Stargate love going on? I'm a fan of the movie and both spin-off shows, been hooked for years.

  7. Guys! You are doing a fantastic job! These questions are great. Keep them coming. I doubt we will get to all of them (some of us tend to talk a lot….JOSH!), but I'm sure we can save some for future shows.

  8. Do you guys have any love for the Farscape? Please answer as a cat macro.

    If you could mount any weapon to your vehicle, what would it be (and what do you guys drive, the stalkers want to know)? You should answer this like hockey mask guy from The Road Warrior.

  9. I’ve been a fan of the comic for some time now.
    The first podcast didn’t grab me, but every podcast since then has been completely awesome, very funny, and I’ve been recommending you to friends.
    I do wonder what you guys do for jobs, or what your history is, I heard mention of gearbox at some stage. It would be cool if you could at least give us all a brief rundown.

    Keep on posting them, and I hope you get sponsorship or something, I’m sure your listener base is growing every day. The impressions are so good.

  10. How excited are you about BSG: Caprica being greenlit? Why does itunes attempt to take over one's computer, Skynet style? When are you doing an Indy Jones comic, and how many times have you peed your pants watching the Indy IV trailer?

  11. Do you have the same nervousness about Dollhouse that I do? That is, it's on Fox, who might just fuck it up again. But also, I'm afraid Dollhouse might suck. Even if we can get past the premise, Joss Whedon can't possibly have that many good ideas in his head. If he does, he's not human. If Dollhouse sucks, it'd be about time one of Whedon's shows did.

    I mean, I'm all for more Eliza Dushku, but….yeah.

    Also, total long shot, but let's say the show is terrible, but Fox finally starts to promote it, and the Whedon fans who have finally caught up on DVDs of the Whedon shows start to watch it, and it's a huge hit….and it sucks? Would we want it to go on? WHY CAN'T I LEARN TO TRUST JOSS? What if it becomes another Chuck? That is, a show that I've seen one episode of and hated, yet since it's an NBC darling, it's getting an automatic second season. And comic tie-ins.

    Are you a fan of Pushing Daisies?

    ok, enough wall spam. at least for now. thanks.

  12. The podcast, no matter what it's covering, makes my morning bus commute bearable at least once during my week. But the best bus-suppressed-giggling-fits have come from various LotR impersonations. The more, the better. The more cross-overage, the better. I totally second Treebeard discussing PB&J.

    A "philosophical" discussion between Jayne and Rambo?
    Do you have any theories/wishes/nightmares about the third movie in the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy?

    I'm also torn between whether my own species (geek chicks) is hot, scary, or some combination of the two (probably also depends on whether you're thinking of them in the Con environment or not…): geek men (gay and straight) — reflect?

  13. Does it make me a bad person to want to Rick Roll as many people as I can?

    You guys are encouraging me and I must do thy bidding.

  14. I remember when Buffy was around and I just couldn't ever bring myself to watch it. "A TV show based on a blond teenage girl doing the same thing she did in the movie and didn't we all love the movie?" seemed a little too "Clueless" for me. But I saw Serenity, got a boner, and went back and just flat bought Firefly and watched it into the ground. The series (outside of a budget that's a LEETLE low) and the movie are awesome in every way I have to measure video content.

    Should I rethink my evaluations of Buffy and Angel as supernatural versions of Melrose Place 90210?

    Also: I like Chuck. Do you guys hate it? I have to be honest, I'll watch (and usually enjoy) anything that has a cast member from Firefly on it. I watched 3:10 to Yuma, Slither is on the ol' to-do list, Chuck has Adam Baldwin, Sarah Connor Chronicles has Summer Glau (again cast as a quasi-human killing machine! i came). Although I'm not going to go back and dig up Two Guys, One Girl, and a Pizza Place…. yet >.>

    Is there any ultimate hope for Lost as a series? I divorced myself from that train wreck a long time ago. I remember the moment that I said "Fuck this" and got up off the sofa, left the room, and found something better to do. Is there any reason for prodigals such as myself to EVER return?

  15. Ditto. Can we have a little "state of Hijinks Ensue" speach? How the enterprise is moving along and such? If it doesn't work out, we'll respond Firefly style and get a Hijinks Ensue movie made….. oh god, can you imagine?

  16. Andy and Nacho,
    Im glad this is something you are interested in, because it is something that weighs heavily on my mind all day every day. I planned on releasing my "manifesto" if you will shortly. Basically why Im doing this, who Im doing it for and what I hope to accomplish. Might not address this on the podcast since it could easily take the whole show. The short story is I want to build a geek army to accomplish something amazing. Im looking for a few good geeks, if you will. Maybe you will be the first two to enlist.

  17. I think the burning question regarding the enterprise (no, not that Enterprise, cause the only burning question on that Enterprise is how are they welding in space without suits?), is did you initially plan for there to be multiple hijinks? I mean, until it happened at least twice, "Hijinks" was just a pie in the sky fantasy. So did you start with a couple of Hijinks already ensued, did you pre-prep the pipeline as it were, before settling down on the name?

    I only ask because if you look at the logo, the "s" in "Hijinks" looks a little different. If this were Sesame Street, and all letters in Hijinks were dancing in boxes across the screen, the "s" is the one that we'd all point to when the song goes "One of these things is not like the others, one of these things does not belong." It looks like it's the geek kid being forced to sit at the other end of the cafeteria because it hasn't learned proper hygiene yet (though apparently his twin over in "Ensue" has figured out how to use soap and shampoo).

    I hope I don't sound hateful here…honestly, I love all the Hijinks (and all the letters) that ensue here. Even when I laugh at the awful awful things you say in the podcast and I get handed a "Move 3 steps closer to Hell" card from Community Chest.

  18. I'd like to add onto this one. Which do you prefer, Buffy's slow burn at least 40 issue run or Angel After the Fall's shorter run with awesome shit happening every issue +the Spike spin off + one shot?

    I'm personally going with Angel just because they've really let lose with the comic format.

    Angel Human, L.A. in Hell, Angel taming the Dragon from the final episode, Wesley Ghost Bound to W&H, Gunn Vamped, Illyria turning into Fred when she sees Wes in the middle of the battle with the Lords of L.A.'s champs, Spike in general, Lorne rallying the troops, Angel Vs. T-Rex, psychic fish > Lesbian Buffy, Dracula, My Fair Faith, Twilight, Buffy the Theif, Xander Fury, Dawnzilla, Kennedy possibly being dead.

    Buffy at least has the better art (though issue 5 of After the Fall has some pretty amazing stuff).

  19. If you ask me, Buffy and Angel are pretty good shows. Each has their high and low points, but Angel is particularly fine. I like it better than Buffy (excluding the wonderful musical episode of Buffy)

    Slither is actually supposed to be pretty good, as is alot of the stuff Nathan Fillion does. I didn't know him back when he was on 2 Guys and A Girl, but that show was funny, if I remember right.

  20. Guys, I am blown away by the quality and quantity of your questions (in a positive way). We'll be recording in about an hour, so if you have any more, please hold them for next week. I do believe this will be a regular part of the show (Assuming you like the result).

  21. Ender's game as a film? Good idea? Bad idea? Does Orson Scott Card have a say in the script? Can Wolfgang Peterson make this more like "In the Line of Fire"(not terrible) and less like "Troy"(shitbomb)? Please give possibility ratings based on how many Eli's Grandma's can stay awake out of five.

  22. Here are some of the current "casting rumors"

    oh, and might I add the Hobbit will be a two part film. Both parts will be filmed silmultaneously, and will be released whithin a year of eachother…if it happens, and if it doesn't we can all march upon the gates of warner bros. with an army equivalent to that of the darklords forces in nirnaeth arnoediad, ha.

  23. Re podcast: Clarke, Asimov, and Bradbury made up most of my sci fi reading. I tend to think of Bradbury as more fantasy, with Clarke and Asimov more science-y. Clarke has good novels and shorts. Childhood's End is a classic for good reason, and I'm very fond of Against the Fall of Night/The City and the Stars. Nine Billion Names of God is good, especially if you can read it before knowing the end.

    2001 is great and owes a huge amount to Kubrick, but the book is cool and provides a lot of info left out of the movie.

    Clarke also put together the idea of the telecommunications satellite, using satellites in geostationary orbits.

  24. Cloverfield's and the treebeard's thoughts on the ending to firefly the Series(excluding the movie),ending of Angel,the overuse of C4 in SG-1, and who is hotter kayhlee from firefly or Cordelia from Buffy/Angel?I am considering the start of using C4 to clear all my problems.

  25. Your opinion on the upcoming film based on Tolkiens 'The Hobbit' (hopefully soon, but with the death of new line who knows what will happen) as of now Del Toro is most likely directing.
    Which actors/actresses would you want in the main roles?
    (keep in mind you can't replace Andy serkis)

  26. Dude, I got a mention so… fuck you 'all of the above'… I'll actually ask a question when I think of one but really, you just projected into Australia. And we don't even have computers here, I just changed the paper on my typewriter and this is what happend…

    Actually, fuck it, can you fade out or open one of the podcasts with Adam Sandler's 'At a Medium Pace' ?

  27. <cranky old fart voice>You young whippersnapper with your intertubes and youweb! When I was young, we had to read 3 volumes of the Encyclopaedia Galactica before breakfast every day, uphill both ways! And like it!</cranky old fart voice>

    Seriously, though, you've got to check out Cringely's latest (…It's all about technology making schools (and reading) obsolete.

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