Download iPhone Wallpapers in The Vault

Back in October 2007 i made the first HijiNKS Ensue iPhone wallpaper. Now I’ve worked up 8 more for your mobile device enjoyment.

If you are a subscriber to the Vault or have donated this month you can download them here. If you don’t know about the Vault, or the Experiment, please do read a bit about them and what I’m trying to accomplish with HE.

The wallpapers are formatted for iPhone dimensions but I’m sure you can crop and resize them to fit on other phones.

If you do download and use one, why not send me a pic of your showing off your HE iPhoney goodness?

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  1. Tried on my G1, but it uses 640×480 wallpapers and unfortunately doesn't work well stretched with how android's home screen is set up. Which is too bad because these are awesome.

  2. Hey–I've donated to you before (not a LOT, but still…). I was wondering; you've created wallpapers for the iPhone which is not open source, but there aren't any for the Android (which IS oss). I've got a G1, and I would lurrrrve some better wallpaper than the sucky stuff they've got as the default. Just a thought.

    • Well, whether or not a platform is open source or not doesnt really effect its wallpaper resolution. That's entirely up to the pixel count in the screen on a particular piece of hardware. The G1 has a certain resolution but the next Android phone might have a totally different res (and probably will). Have you tried one of these on teh G1? Is it too small or too big?

  3. Your blog is amazing, i first landed to another post but then get interested and thought, i will just look a little more arround to see what else i can find out about such stuff 🙂

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