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I don’t know if all you cool internet kids are down with the Digging or not. But let’s suppose momentarily that you are so inclined. How about showing some love and inclining yourself on over to exactly right here, and Digging the hell out of the latest comic.

Speaking of social internets two-point-Oh and the like, I just got all signed up for the Pownce beta. I’m not exactly sure what all it can do that my regular one-dot-oh-no-he-didn’t internet can’t do. I am hoping I can use it to send out alerts to readers. Anyone used this to any avail? Other suggestions? MySpace? Facebook? MyFace? Spacebook? The Great Space Coaster?

Also, Shouldn’t they have called it Pwnc3?

hijinks ensue Pownce

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  1. @Jim Reverend

    Seeing is how your digg only counted as “1 digg,” I can only assume that regardless of the degree to which your digg something (in this case “the hell out of”) all diggs are inherently created equal.

    It begs the question, should I digg with any gusto or enhanced enthusiasm if it will illicit the exact same response as my most bemused or effortless digg? What gain can I, as a digger, expect from exerting more than the minimum effort required to digg?

    Oh look, more LOLCats! diggdiggdiggdiggdiggdiggdiggdiggdiggdiggdiggdiggdiggdiggdiggdigg!

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