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I basically wrote this comic via twitter while waiting for Obama to make his statement. A couple of my fellow internet cartoon people also made with the funny.

@shortpacked Are the folks outside the White House singing Yub Nub?

@MattMetlvin Osama was shot in the head, so you can all stop worrying about him coming back as a zombie, guys.

COMMENTERS: If you feel like making jokes, then feel free to offer your best Situation Zone anchor line related to Bin Laden’s demise. If the recent events don’t put you in a joking mood, feel free to abstain. I know people are taking this different ways and for some it’s not all fun and laughs. Please be respectful in the comments since this is more sensitive issue for some readers.

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  1. The general consensus amongst my social circles is "pics or it didn't happen". Also, we're not quite sure how killing the poster boy is suddenly a victory and the War on Terror is suddenly won, but we'll see how things pan out especially with most of the Muslim nations now deciding to revolt. It'll also be interesting to hear Pakistan's explanation of WTF was he doing there.

    Also, this is a much-needed boost for Obama's approval rating so fair enough to that.

    On a lighter note, BOOM! Headshot!

    • One simple proof that bin Laden really is dead, Shakey – news of his death has swamped the planetary news cycle. If he weren't really dead, there's no *way* he'd be able to resist the temptation to pop up on al-Jazeera and start mocking the Great Satan. Here, let's listen for that for a moment…


      Nope, he's dead all right.

      • Also, either his followers know that he's dead and are reacting accordingly, or are the best actors to never, ever be eligible for Academy awards.

        I too would like to know that the pic exists, but I would rather have seen a corpse wrapped in a sheet and the President lifting up the sheet a la every morgue scene on TV/film ever.

        Of course, the c.o.n spiricy sphere (consphere) is goin' full tilt, but this is a monumental thing to try and lie about: if it isn't true, you are in some deep doo-doo for fibbin'.

  2. I don't doubt that it happened but I call BS on the "we disposed of his body respectfully" line. They've got him on ice somewhere and are going to keep him there until all the top brass and politicos get a chance to come by and take a picture with him like the dead VC soldier in Full Metal Jacket.

  3. Great strip today. I just love your humor. The USA comments were awesome, but I'll have to admit the Update notice about the exoneration of the Bluth family in the last Panel is pure genius.

    • Awwww crapsicles, PLEASE don't give those shitheads any new ideas. ('cos god knows they ain't bright 'nuff to come up with something like that on their own).
      …moar like Osama been rottin' , amirite 😉

  4. "Many Americans took the time to celebrate the occasion by burning bonfires, imbibing alcohol, and wearing the American flag as a cape. Marcus Bumpkin, a resident of Bumblebrush, South Carolina, stated 'Hell – we just call that kinda partyin' a Tuesday.'"

  5. I believe Stephen Colbert followed your commands last night. (perhaps it was Jon Stewart… but I'm pretty sure it was Colbert.)

    I find it odd that Trump has been silenced – both on Celebrity Apprentice and in the news.
    Isn't he jackass enough to make this about him?

    • It was Colbert, who IMHO seemed to be really obviously…bloodthirsty the other night about OBLs death. I couldn't tell if he was playing his character really hard, or if it was his opinion/beliefs in the guise of his character.
      Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he's dead…but these things are never pretty whether it's a world war, a terrorist attack, a dictator being taken down, a president being shot, or another other public figure dying by violent means; the objectification of the dead/causing of the death just sticks in me craw for some reason.

  6. I saw it happen! I was there, man!

    For the comic-writing, I mean, not the OBL hit.

    Though I *know* a guy who was there for that.

    But being there for the comic myself is way cooler. I'll drink for free for a month off of that one.

  7. I have to admit I heard the "news segment" theme music in my head at the very start of the comic.

    "This just in….Navy SEALs give bin Laden a ballistic decongestant."

  8. When reached for comments, the White House has issued a press release. Upon inspection, it appears to be the lyrics to "The Distance" by Cake.

    From this, we can only assume that Obama is racing, perhaps pacing, and we have further information that he is plotting the course. Whether he is fighting, biting or riding on his horse, however, remains to be seen.

    But one thing is certain, Joel: He's going the distance.

  9. "It appears that bin Laden's downfall was a result of his finally joining facebook late last week…"

  10. What FOX News were you watching? On Sunday night, they were the FIRST to deliver thus glorious news, even interrupting the Simpsons and preempting the rest of Animation Domination, but it was worth it.

  11. See I love conspiracy theories (back and to the side…. back and to the side…) so can't help thinking that declaring a man dead and buried is an awfully good way to make him disappear if you, say, had him stashed somewhere with a collection of sharp implements, electric current, and a burning need to get as much information about other terrorist cells out of him.

  12. Eh, well. Nothing confirms death quite like a man's head on a spike, either. It could've made for a great scene:

    [President Obama, standing behind a podium]

    OBAMA: My fellow Americans!

    [Obama holds up severed head of Bin Laden]

    OBAMA: I am proud to announce that, this evening, a team of fine American soldiers raided a secured compound in Pakistan and just look who they found! Ladies and Gentlemen, Bin Laden is dead. His head shall adorn a spike on the south lawn of the White House for a period of no more than one week. Bring the kids!"

    [end scene]

    Sure, we'd be a pack of jerks, but man! Score one for the CIA, Navy and last but not least the President himself. I'm not a huge Obama fan, but credit where it's due! If he hadn't have bulldogged that lead to death Bin Laden would still be hanging out behind his seven foot privacy wall.

  13. More news on the raid that killed bin Laden: JSOC had revealed it was not a team of SEALS who infiltrated the compound in pakistan and executed the mission, but one lone man. described as wearing "a blue/black suit made of either spandex or rubber, a cardboard box to hide in, and a '80's-style headband that looks totally badass." This lone individual snuck around the compound, snapped the necks of unsuspecting guards, and shot bin Laden, who reportedly showed "a red exclamation point" above his head before dying.

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