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Sometimes you just need a good poop joke. Don’t fight it. Just try to enjoy it. That’s also what my proctologist said at my last check up. BOOM! BANG! ZAM! More with the joke making! It’s even doubly funny since I don’t have medical insurance and couldn’t see a butt doctor even if I needed one! Ohhh, the hits just keep on coming.

COMMENTERS: Can you still laugh at juvenile humor, or did you find your self growing out of it at some point? Was there a specific instance that made your mind up either way? Are there certain bits of low brow comedy (movie scenes, tv shows, stand ups, etc) that still get you despite your best efforts to remain a bastion of adult sophistication?

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  1. I'm sensing the market for a print here. Just Joel dressed up like he is here, with a caption of "Find a new place to commit your hate crimes." Perfect for geek bathrooms everywhere!*

    *Maybe not.

  2. Work in Caregiving sometime, everything is about poop. Literally. Poop is everything! And it 's a market dominated by women and we don't hold farts in….ever….and we call it out also and burps. Did mention these women at 30 and up?
    Funny part is you are hands on cleaning up poop messes, but if you get something gross when making food like (fruiteze…a mixture of raisins, dates, prunes stewed together to you guessed it make our clients poop!) you scream and start gaggin. You have to be a special kind of person to be a caregiver.

    • I'm a Caregiver and I endorse this message.

      At this point nothing really spooks me, makes me gag or offends.
      I just wish there wasn't so MUCH poop! How can a 90lb woman store 100lbs of crap?!

  3. Poop jokes were funny when I was 12, and will be funny when I'm 80. I was watching Despicable Me with my son, and the part where Dr. Nefario fires a fart gun…me and the spawn laughed hysterically. Ya gotta team em early.

  4. Some of the "poop and fart" jokes I can and will still laugh at [above comic being one] and some juvenile humor I can still laugh at when in the mood [heck a little sillyness and juvenile himor now and then is relished by the wisest men,…. even Einstein was known to make a joke now and then is he had gas] BUT I reserve a special place in whatever place of eternal pain and suffering you believe in for Johnny Knoxville and his "friends" from the Jackass movies. I hate,…despise,….have utter contempt for,….abhor,… detest,… and many other 5 dollar words as well ,… those movies. He and his cohorts in the dumbing down of the human race have gone beyond juvenile humor and passed out the other end [like a bad enchilada on "Mexican buffet Monday"] as a putrescent mass of offal [hey I made my own poop joke,…dang this stuff is catching]. Just knowing that they are still planning on [or are making] these movies makes me fear for the Human Race. If [as in previous comic] aliens are visiting us [including the Silence] just the existence and continued works of Johnny and his friends would probably cause them to leave the planet [possibly destroying it like one would any infection] with all due haste. Sorry about the long winded diatribe but yeah I feel strongly about it,…lol. So yeah,..I can enjoy a good fart/poop joke or laugh when someone says a word that sounds kinda naughty or suggestive,…but not a Jackass,…..

  5. The subject of a joke is rarely important. It's the delivery, timing, and cleverness which make it funny. Which is why I love the movie The Aristocrats. It's the same dirty joke told almost a hundred times, but every comedian makes it their own. I never thought I'd laugh at necrophelic bestiality, but I was wrong.

  6. If laughing at dick and fart jokes is wrong, I don't ever want to be right. I still die with laughter at the campfire dinner scene in Blazing Saddles. "I'd say you've had enough!"

    • well, ever break to every podcast. This is a little behind the scenes info. I dont think we ever broadcast one of your profanities.

  7. I'm still wondering if the 'real' reason Josh moved in was the new Toto Neorest toilet that 'takes care of everything' for you that I had installed in our bathroom

    Seat warmer… Washing….blow drying… proximity lid sensor…. IR remote control…

    Yeah, that's Josh

    • Oh God, I have to try that thing. Unless that's one of those things that it's just, like, wrong to share, or something.

    • I am awed and terrified of that aspect of Japanese technology. Seat warmer is nice but I'm still very wary of everything else. Did you know there are ones that even play songs to mask the, er, "bathroom sounds" you make? God bless Japan.

    • My problem with the seat warmers, especially at Narita airport, is that they make your butt sweat and you almost slide off the toilet.

  8. A few month ago, I was at work and used the bathroom. It's a one person deal, so I could poop in comfort. As I left, one of the bosses headed in. I was still with in ear shot when I heard him say "Oh hell no" and he walked away from the bathroom. Proudest day of my life as a man.

  9. If I didn't like poop jokes (and the like), I probably would not have made it through 8 seasons of Family Guy. Props to you Joel for mixing poop jokes with our poop healthcare system. That was the shit.

  10. I pretty much only find poop dick and fart jokes funny if they are coming from Joel, Kevin Smith or Lewis CK. Other than that…meh….

  11. I suspect it was somewhere around my early teens that I tried to stop laughing at what my mother would call "typical American bathroom humour"; by I think my early twenties I honestly did find most bathroom humour unfunny. There are the occsional exceptions ("Blackadder" does them well, for example), but generally most fart jokes etc just make me slightly uncomfortable. Thing the feeling you'd get if you brought your new boyfriend home to meet your very proper upperclass British parents and he decided to ingratiate himself by a constant stream of fart and poop jokes. Over dinner.

    Yeah, I don't generally like them. I liked the alien overtones here though; but generally? I haven't actually found them funny for a couple of decades at least. I think the final straw was that one guy when I was somewhere around 15 trying to impress me with fart jokes. Sad, really. I'd thought he was really funny until then…

    • for those who miss the Blackadder reference look on Youtube for "Blackadder" especially the episode titled "beer".

      "See the little goblin, see his little feet,…see his little nosey wosey ,..isnt the goblin sweet" Edmund Blackadder

  12. At this point in my life, adulthood seems to wear on me in crazy ways. When the stress gets overwhelming… well, my husband and I have agreed on a catchphrase: I want to laugh at fart jokes.
    That means, dumb it down to the lowest common denominator and don't think for several hours.

  13. Suffer not a stomach to constipation. The forces of digestion and regularity will not abide this abomination upon the colon. Evil must be purged.

    The power of fiber compels you! The power of fiber compels you! The power of fiber compels you! By wheat, prune and soy, I cast thee out!

  14. This is made of Win! Some toilet humor can be funny, but one of my favs now that I'm older is from "Chowder". It breaks the fourth wall.

  15. I have to say I don't enjoy most scatological humor, but I think partly that's because so much of it is so very, very bad. A lot of people seem to think the mere mention of farting or pooping is funny, but it takes more than that to make a good joke. That being said, I did enjoy the comic today quite a bit, and many of the comments were very funny as well. And Blackadder totally rocked. All of it.

  16. I still find juvenile humor hilarious and I am allegedly a grown man. Heck I tried out the new Penny Arcade game last night and spent a good five hours making and laughing at touch weiner jokes.

  17. I've only gotten worse as I get older. "Your mom" will never not be the funniest answer to everything. Though now I try to sophisticate it up with some wit and fancy words.

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