Solid Gone

Any (non-Topatoco) shirts you order from the HE Store now will absolutely not arrive by Dec. 24th. I just want to be clear about that.

The goal is to have every US shirt ordered by Dec 4th arrive by Dec. 24th. That’s what the shipping deadline says on the order page and everyone involved is doing their best to make that promise a reality. There is a possibility that some of the shirts ordered late on Dec 4th will not arrive by Dec. 24th. Any shirt orders (this applies to ALL HE SHIRTS THAT ARE NOT SHIPPED FROM TOPATOCO) placed after Dec 4th probably will not arrive by Dec. 24th. The Edward shirt orders were simply unexpected and overwhelming, hence the early cut off for holiday shipping. Thanks!

Now that Josh and I are essentially a new species, I’ll give you one guess as to who tries to initiate the mating ritual.

Star Trek Voyager fans will recognize this comic as an homage to what may be the stupidest episode they ever produced, “Threshold.” That’s the one where in between court marshalls, demotions and time in the brig, Tom Paris realizes he’s the greatest genius who ever lived and develops a method for traveling faster than Warp 10. Unfortunately the main side effects of existing simultaneously in all points in space and at every point in time past, present or future is kickstarting your own personal evolution into high gear, and a bad case of acid reflux. Naturally humans evolve into scabby, tongueless monsters and eventually into catfish-faced nematodes.

Non-Voyager fans can enjoy the fact that Real Life Josh did install an SSD into his Macbook Pro and now it instantly dual-boots into our dimension and 7 others, and the battery level indicator has stopped counting down all together and eventually started counting up. Right now instead of a percentage remaining it just keep flashing prime numbers. I think it’s attempting to communicate.

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  1. This episode is one of the reasons I get "the look" when I say I liked Voyager. It's entirely indefensible, much like most of their bad episodes.

    Also, now I really want an SSD. Damnit.

  2. Oh Joel, how you combine two things I never would have associated together and make something funny out of them is beyond me. But I'm just happy to be a witness to it.

    I remembered the Voyager episode from watching it in high school, it was very over the top but I hadn't realized how bad it was until I got into some TNG goodness.

    Those SSD's are expensive, is Josh wearing his money hat from Borderlands good showing?

  3. I loved voyager, but I hated this episode. Especially considering the references in TNG to Warp 13, etc., leading to the obvious conflicts

    • The only references to Warp 13 were in "possible future" episodes which firstly may never actually happen (within that universe) and secondly could refer to a modified scale, possibly including transwarp conduits.

  4. Totally missed this one – I thought it was a reference to that shitty Ben Kingsley/Gandhi time travel paradox movie, A Sound of Thunder…yeah…don't even ask…

  5. I loved Voyager. I recall seeing this episode. But, for the love of Shatner, I couldn't remember this episode until I checked out the link. How did you recall this for a comic joke? And why wasn't this episode blocked out of your memory like a traumatic childhood memory?

  6. Haha I love the look on salamander Josh's face. I think I missed that episode of Voyager, I kinda want to see how terrible it was.

    Also 256Gb=32GB, I'm forced to dock you one geek point.:)

  7. Hey I liked the Tom Paris demotion and subsequent brig-ification episode 🙂 It showed real character growth for his character, and iirc the pips on his collar showed he remained Ensign Paris for quite a few episodes. It was Voyager with consequences and true continuity!

    Love your reference to that insane VOY episode though. And gutsy too, considering you know what happened to Salamander Janeway and Paris afterwards 😀

    • It says a lot about Trek that the only sign of continuity is a pip on a collar.

      (Sorry, no offence intended Trekkies, B5 fan here – I like my sci-fi with *stories* 😉

    • it actually took him about a year to get his rank back. They made a big deal out of it. The funny thing was, though his rank was reduced his responsibilities never changed. It was just a shame thing.

  8. Flat out the worst Voyager episode ever and considering how brutally bad the shwo was that's saying a LOT.

    Sorry – I love Trek, but Voyager was unwatchable for me.

    This COMIC however never ceases to make me chuckle – sometimes guffaw!

    Love the middle panel – especially considering the shock on Josh's face turning into 'meh' in panel 3!

  9. thats what you get for owning a mac. now if it would just do that to the rest of the mac owners so it would be easy to herd them up and execute them all.

  10. I wonder, back in the '90s when everyone was switching from cartridges to discs, if anyone would have taken seriously the claim that "solid state" would one day be a big deal in the tech world again.

  11. Voyager should be scheduled by the FDA as a potentially-abused narcotic, if you ask me. I therefore got nothing else to say beside "courts martial." Since you're not put off by us nit-pickers…at least in your human form.

  12. Well I love Star Trek, don't dislike any of the series' at all and I will never understand firstly what peoples real issue was with Voyager and secondly what the big deal with this episode was, and I take Braga's comments with a pinch of salt, he was just trying to save face by admitting this ep was a stinker, he was very badly looked on by the fanbase anyway! Personally I was entertained by this and most other Voyager episodes.

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