O.W.L. Or G.E.D?

A nice online wizarding correspondence school sounds pretty good after 3 or 4 years of nearly dying horribly at the hands of ultimate evil, doesn’t it Harry? I bet you’d rather spend your educational hours in your boxers, eating Toasters Strudles in front of a laptop than struggling to survive against insurmountable odds while all of your friends and loved ones are maimed and murdered (all while still trying to maintain a respectable GPA). Let Neville be the chosen one for a while. Get yourself  a mother effing wizard associates degree! No employer really checks to see where you went to school anyway.

Come see me and many of your other favorite webcartoonists at Dragon’s Lair Comics. [DETAILS HERE]

Team Edward (James Olmos) shirts are now linked on Olmos Productions official online STORE. There will be more cool things to announce on this front soon.

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  1. Well, I see what my next print will be! I'll play nicely and wait until after the holidays to order.

    This is Rowling's next novel (that she of course won't be writing because she's TOTALLY FINISHED with the series). Harry's children drop out of Hogwarts to pursue long-distance magical courses. He has to send Albus Severus (of Slytherin, no doubt) back to Hogwarts because he spends too much time using the magical communication devices to chat with Scorpius.

  2. That was the hardest part of the books for me. I literally had (and still have) *no* concept of how the British school system works, so I was left trying to figure out what this should correspond to. I suppose I should figure that out before I have kids and they want to read them…

    • It goes GCSE's in usually 10+ subjects, more if you have a memory of steel and no life, such as i do. Then you either leave school, go to college for a more practical degree, or you go on to do 3 or 4 AS levels and then you choose which ones you want to do for A level. After that usually come Uni. Rough equation: GCSE= OWL, A level=NEWT. What is Las Americanos system?

  3. Very timely! Inspired by the new teaser trailer for Deathly Hallows?

    Also, just got my LOLFOX shirt in the mail today…. AWESOMESAUCE.

  4. I wonder if a degree in wizardry is as useless as a BFA…

    Regardless, it's fucking awesome that EJO and his "people" enjoy your shirt, as opposed to pulling the "George Lucas/Hollywood douche" card and suing you. HUZZAH!

  5. What exactly do you do with Wizardry degree? I never really got that… I mean if everyone in the wizarding world has magic then its not really a unique skill that you can employ to make money. On the other had in the muggle world magic would be a very useful and profitable skill if any wizard were allowed to use it. Its like learning how to use a computer today….perhaps it was a unique job skill 15 years ago but now everyone knows how to its not a unique skill set that will get you a job or make you money.

    Also….do they have a community college for wizardry? Hogwarts always struck me as more of an "Ivy League" rich kids school. Where do all the broke ass kids go to learn to use their magic?

    • if youre referring to the Neville shirt mentioned by @merbrat, thats the joke. Were he the chosen one, he would have "done it" in 4 books.

      If you're referring to the comic, the idea is that after four years he gets fed up. </EXPLAINING JOKES>

  6. The thing is, if he took online classes, he'd have to stay with the Dursleys… and let's face it, being pursued by a soulless killer with unimaginable powers is still better than living with those assholes.

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